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Residential Construction Services in Bangalore

Home Construction Services

Fantastic, Convenient, Fast and practical solutions is what we at Renox try to offer in all types of residential construction services in Bangalore. Sensible prices and single window service is a bonus.

New Home Construction Contractors in Bangalore

New Home Construction Contractors

End to End services in realizing your dream of new home construction in Bangalore. Our Expert contractors first try to understand your actual requirements and budgetary constraints and plan accordingly.

Independent Home Construction Contractors in Bangalore

Independent Home Construction

Having an Own Independent Home is a dream of every individual, usually at a particular phase in life, here at Renox, we try to give it an material shape and realty. Get our support in every possible way.

Home Construction Solutions providers in Bangalore

Home Construction Solutions

Once decided to start your home construction, the first and most important aspect is to find an ideal team to execute the project. This is where our Home Construction solutions are highly appreciated.

Construction Contractors Services in Bangalore

Construction Contractors & Services

Get the best Home construction services and solutions as per your exact requirements depending upon the nature and magnitude of your residential construction project. Check with our screened contractors.

Home construction Vastu experts in Bangalore

Home Construction As Per Vastu

Be it an independent house, Duplex, Triplex, Villa, Farm house or Guest House construction, we have expert Vastu specialists for every type of residential construction advice, guidance and suggestions.

1000+ Home Construction Floor Plans in Bangalore

Home Construction Floor Plans

1000+ Floor plans for your Home construction project to choose from, suitable for every size and shape of your plot. Besides this, we have a team who can give customized plans for your particular Home.

Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

Home Construction Cost Per SqFt.

Home construction cost per Sft mostly depends on the finishing materials materials used, since the concrete structure price is usually fixed and cannot be altered. Range is Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 Per Sq Ft.

Home Construction Process in Bangalore

Home Construction Process

There are broadly three stages in a Home Construction Process, Designing and Planning, Material Procurement and Project Execution. Thoroughly prepared first stage lays foundation for smoother completion.

Not sure of where to start with for construction of your new house?

  • Tired of the middle men taking the advantage over your home construction project?
  • Worried about the expensive prices and budget going overboard for your new home construction?
  • Thinking of the right manpower needed for the construction of your new house?

Renox.in offers one stop solution for all these and many more commonly posed queries for customers in Bangalore. A city with rich cultural roots along with technologically advanced pursuits, Bangalore is a hot destination to construct a dream house and a brilliant city to relocate to. As a result, many customers are looking forward to construct houses in attractive locations of this city. However, there are many challenges which occur to them during this process and making them give up the idea itself.

The biggest issue when it comes to construction of a new house in Bangalore is to find the right team who can give the best cost estimates. The team should be quite adaptive and cater to the customer???s requirements. Along with multiple estimates, the dynamic team should be able to advise the customers on the latest trends, and suitable options which are economical as well as durable.

Residential Construction

Right from building new construction houses, apartments, villas and any residential related places- Renox brings you the best looking facilities which are reliable and also quite brilliant to use. We choose the durable raw materials and great new technology to bring to your doorstep. Every customer has the right to live their fullest in the residential space and Renox believes that it is possible to achieve it with proper planning, innovation and also right understanding of the customer???s requirements.

Our team of experienced contractors is every ready to give you 24/7 on-line support for construction projects and bring the skilled workers near your location to finish the construction work well in time. Enjoy the fruits of technology coupled with innovation as 2018 is the right year for constructing your dream home!

With over thirty years of experience in the field, Renox understands the difficulties faced by the customers and address them instantly at ease. We provide multiple cost estimates for your dream home absolutely at free of cost and also provide continual feedback about the progress of work once it is approved.

Your dream home is a step closer to you with Renox's brilliant planning and professional skills!
Home Construction Cost Estimator
Economy Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Construction Cost & Material Specification
SNo.Brief Details of Construction Materials & Costs Cost Per Sq Ft.
A Construction Cost
1 Civil: Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab, Stairs, Brick work, Plastering - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.880 to Rs.1250
2 Finishing Materials: Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Tiles, Granite/Marble, Doors, Windows, Painting, Steel Fabrication - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.550 to Rs.1850
B Total: Rs.1430 to Rs.3100
C Material Specifications
1 Civil: Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab, Stairs: 53 Grade ISI marked cement, steel. Corse sand and appropriate gauge granite gravel.
2 Brick Work: Normal Machine Cut Bricks for Ground Floor, Light weight Machine Cut Bricks from First Floor Level Onwards.
3 Plastering: Appropriate admixture of cement and sand in two coats of plastering with a smooth finish on second coat surface.
4 Plumbing: Flowguard Technology - Ashirwad/Astral CPVC Hot/Cold pipes for water inlet, Appropriate gauge of PVC pipes for Drainage outlet piping. ISI mark plumbing fittings. WC's, Wash Basins, Diverters, Taps, Angle Cocks, Health Faucets etc. (These items can alter the final cost)
5 Electrical: ISI marked - FRLS (Fire Retardant Low Smoke) cables of appropriate gauge and thickness of Finolex/Finecab/Polycab Brand, ISI marked MCBs of Appropriate Values, Modular Switches, Sockets and Dimmers of Anchor/GoldMedal/GM Brand (These items can alter the final cost)
6 Flooring: Granite: Rs.100/- per Sq Ft where ever used as flooring. (These items can alter the final cost)
7 Tiles: Vitrified Tiles where ever used as flooring, Wall Tiles, Exterior Cladding Tiles. (These items can alter the final cost)
8 Doors: Main Door Frame and shutter in Indian Teak. Internal Door frames in Hard wood and Laminated Flush doors or Panel Doors as shutters. (These items can alter the final cost)
9 Windows & Ventilators: UPVC windows and Ventilators with warrantee. (These items can alter the final cost)
10 Painting: Smooth Putty Finish on internal surface with two coats of Asian Paints Premium Emulsion Paint in Roller Finish, Doors, Window Grills, Railings & Gate in Asian Paints Satin Enamel paint in Roller Finish. Exterior Front Elevation in Texture finish. (These items can alter the final cost)
11 Steel Fabrication: ISI marked steel for Window grills, Railings for balcony and stairs, Gate. (These items can alter the final cost)
Team Renox.in wishes you and your Family a very Happy & Pleasant New Home!

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Construction Cost For 1400 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 600,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 580,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 370,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 110,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 280,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 230,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 70,000
Total 2,240,000
Construction Cost For 1800 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 7,71,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 7,45,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 4,76,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 1,40,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 3,60,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 2,95,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 90,000
Total 28,77,000

For economy Rs.1,300/-, For Modest Rs.1,600/-, For Premium Rs.2,200/- & For Luxury Rs.4,500/- per square feet or Sqft.

You can choose low cost yet long lasting finishing materials for reducing the overall cost of Home Construction.

Yes, when you select standard plans and materials, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Home Construction project.

Once you get an approval for Home Construction from the concerned authorities like municipal office, you can approach Home Construction contractors, companies or Firms for the Home Construction work.

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Home Construction Solutions in Bangalore

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