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Villa Construction

Villa Construction Services

Villa Construction Services

Renox, do have a villa construction services. Our Complete Villa Construction Experts solutions are appreciated by busy clients, for whom our one point of contact for complete activities involved is highly valuable.

Villa Construction Plans

Villa Construction Plans

Planning to construct a Villa? Then you are just a click away from realizing your dream.We at Renox have Geared our self to provide the best possible Global Class Construction Service to our clients.

Villa Construction, Additions & Extensions

Exclusive Villa Construction Designs

Get Spanish, Caribbean, Hawaiian inspired villas for you. Designed, Planned and Meticulously build by passionate experts from construction industry with decades of experience and expertise.

Turnkey Villa Construction

Our exclusive Villa Construction solutions are much appreciated by our busy clients, our single point of contact for total building activities involved are very valuable. Total transparency and stage wise reporting makes our services unique.

Latest Villa Designs

Looking for Contemporary Villa Designs? Designing ultra modern, latest and newer style villas is a trend style our capable designers follow. Be assured of an extra ordinary level of designing and planning of your villa.

Exclusive Villa Designs

Get Spanish, Caribbean, Hawaiian inspired villas for you. Designed, Planned and Meticulously build by passionate experts from construction industry with decades of experience and expertise.

Our Work Process

1. Connect with us

Call, message, whatsapp or fill our contact form HERE and explain about your exact requirements & preferences.

2. Get professional suggestion

Talk to industry experts with tons of real life experience on projects - FREE. Get a clear picture before you start.

3. Scope - Budget - Duration - Terms

Get a detailed estimate for the project with all itemized prices, the time-line for completion, budget and terms.

4. Start project

After you study, understand, satisfy and finalize the estimate - we can start off with the actual project work.

5. Project progress updates

Our milestones based reporting with site photos will keep you relaxed through out the project completion.

Total Villa Construction Services

Villa Construction Solutions

Complete end to end villa construction services, especially for design, quality and time conscious clients. We thrive in making the whole construction process a pleasant experience for you.

6 BHK Villa Construction

6 BHK Villa Construction

Our expertise in designing and building upscale villas from 6 BHK to 12 Bedrooms is highly appreciated by our elite clientele. Inviting and expansive look and feel are highlights of our Villa designing.

Villa with swimming pool

Villa with swimming pool

Grand Villa designed and built incorporating lifestyle items like Jacuzzi, Shower panel, Swimming pool, Gazebo, Home theater, Bar, Study cum Library, ultra modern modular kitchen for our clients.

Design + Build
Design and Build Contractors
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Villa Construction Cost Estimator
Economy Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Want Beautiful Construction for your Villa?

With growing demands for urban living and luxury lifestyle, many customers are yearning to construct a dream villa of their choice in a lavish fashion. Villas are the current trend for lavish living and it is no longer an unfulfilled dream for a customer. However, the shortcomings of construction of villa is the huge costs involved, long range of raw material choices and also chance of budget getting increased beyond limit. It also leads to lot of doubts for the customer to venture into villa construction and leads to backing off in the last minute. Fortunately, these issues are short lived and needn't hamper the dream of villa construction to go haywire. provides the best possible cost effective plans for constructing the dream villa of your choice and liking. Give us the basic requirements and your budget limitations which would enable us to give the best plan possible for free of cost.Enjoy the fruits of technology coupled with innovation from our ample experience in the field.

Planning a villa needs great insight into indoor as well as outdoor aesthetic layout. Right from kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom planning to the balcony, corridors and external elevation, Renox will look after everything pertaining to construction of a dream villa. It is quite a daunting task but at the same time with great planning and perfect execution, Renox achieves the unattainable in record breaking time and bring the dream villa to the customer quite effortlessly.

Design & Build Home Construction Services
Experts advice and suggestions
Expert's Suggestions

Get personalized advice from specialists for your total construction & renovation project.

Complete documentation support
Clear Documentation

Clear, Specific & Measurable written scope of work avoids later confusions.

In time completion of projects
Time Bound Completion

We value your time, hence, constantly monitor project for timely completion and report to you.

Beautiful Villa Construction

Right from the wooden paneling modern look till vintage styled cupboard designs, Renox offers it all for the customers. Overpricing is consistently avoided which makes the customers get total valued quality work for their invested money. Customers can be assured of excellent results in nominal time for budget friendly Construction for their Villa.

Construction design in various trade off constraints such as budget, quality and optimization is perfectly done only at Renox. The icing on the cake is that- these services are offered absolutely free for the customers! Enjoy the blissful Construction of your house to get a whiff of fresh air and peaceful environment. After all , a good life begins with a fresh ambiance in the house.

Welcome to modern technological times where communication and project implementation is a cakewalk - even for Villa Construction works.

Customer Rating: 5 reviews

I wanted my home built in my absence, I liked the way Renox got involved from the very first call. They gave expert guidance in planning, designing, material selection and budgeting. Overall experience was wonderful.

Customer Rating: 4.7reviews

My anxiety about constructing my own house got cleared in almost few minutes when I spoke with construction experts from In very simple way they explained me all that I wanted to know before starting my project.

Customer Rating: 4.5 reviews

For Home or Apartment renovation I can bet no other firm can beat, the way they did our complete home remodeling in surprising time frame gave us confidence to entrust our farm house construction work to them.

SNo. Brief Details of Construction Materials & Costs Cost Per Sq Ft.
A Construction Cost
1 Civil: Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab, Stairs, Brick work, Plastering - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.880 to Rs.1250
2 Finishing Materials: Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Tiles, Granite/Marble, Doors, Windows, Painting, Steel Fabrication - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.550 to Rs.1850
B Total: Rs.1430 to Rs.3100
250+ Villa Construction Contractors
50+ Design Options
500+ Villa's Completed
10+ Cities Served

Construction Cost For 1400 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 600,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 580,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 370,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 110,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 280,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 230,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 70,000
Total 2,240,000
Construction Cost For 1800 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 7,71,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 7,45,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 4,76,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 1,40,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 3,60,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 2,95,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 90,000
Total 28,77,000

Question And Answers

What is the cost of Villa Construction?

For economy Rs.1,100/-, For Modest Rs.1,300/-, For Premium Rs.1,600/- & For Luxury Rs.2,500/- per square feet.

How can I save on my Villa Construction cost?

You can choose low cost yet long lasting materials for reducing the cost of Villa Construction.

Can I get an exact estimate for the Villa Construction Project?

Yes, when you select models and standard materials, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Villa Construction project.

When shall I approach companies for Villa Construction?

Once you get an approval for possession of your Villa from the Builder, you can approach Construction Firms for the job.

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