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Scope of works

Building of walls, new structure, demolition of wall between kitchen and utility to make the kitchen large, All types of Additions & Alterations, removal of marble flooring, bathroom wall & floor tiles, addition of a new floor atop existing structure etc...


Complete rewiring, addition of newer points as per changed requirements, replacing of old switches & sockets with new modular type switches and universal sockets which can take any type of plugs into them, AC Wiring...


Replacing of rusted old GI piping in bathrooms with latest CPVC ones, Rearranging bathroom layout to segregate dry and wet areas, replacing old taps, showers, hot and cold water mixers with latest diverters, installing inline pressure pump...

Wood Work

From complete facelift to your existing wood work with contemporary looks in kitchen, bedrooms, living room & making of new modular cabinets, beds, dividers to minor repairing, replacing of broken or damaged hinges, drawer channels, handles...

Doors & Windows

Replacing of damaged doors & windows with latest UPVC windows and PU foam filled solid PVC doors, Also making of Granite frames for the bathrooms which are virtually life long lasting, restoring your old antique furniture & wood work...


Replacing of wall & floor tiles in bathrooms, kitchen wall tiles, fixing of new vitrified tiles on existing Mosaic or Marble flooring, Tiling on the terrace, pavement, parking, exterior facade, Fixing of tiles on stairs, kitchen utility etc....

False Ceiling

Making of false ceiling in drawing, living room, bedrooms, glass ceiling in the bathrooms to create that new contemporary look and feel to your existing space and make more appealing and inviting. New LED spot lights and rope ligh gives...

Painting & Polishing

Painting of the ceiling and wall with smooth finish as well as desired texture finish to give that grand look for your home, also, exterior painting and paint for grills, railings etc in appropriate paint materials which are long lasting...

Stone Work

Replacing of kitchen platform stones, flooring, stairs, bathroom cabinet counter tops etc with new stones of clients choice. Exterior facade decorative stone cladding, stone work in the living area on walls, at the entrance door, car park....

Water Proofing

Total water proofing solutions for roof, wall & bathroom seepages. Use of proper and specialized materials and experts supervision ensures a through and long lasting fix to your water leakages and dampness issues, once for all and...

Exterior Elevation

Giving that WOW first view effect with creative use of newer materials and colour combinations to create beautiful exteriors for your spaces. ACP cladding, stone cladding, tiles, terracotta, pebbles, mirrors are just some of the materials...


From safety doors, gates, railings, stairs, parking sheds, doors and window grills to space frames etc, our fabrication teams are geared to tackle any type of projects with precision and accuracy, yet at competitive budgets. For a quick....

Wall Punning

Plaster Of Paris Wall Punning is a concept to make those wall surfaces with undulations perfectly flat and give that star hotel look for your interiors after painting. The uneven surface of ceilings and walls when the lights are on are ...

Glass & Mirrors

End to End glass and mirror solutions, be it replacements of new work, from basic plain glass work to much complex toughened glass work and even fusion glass work to give some special places that extraordinary look and fell in your space...

Art Work

Murals, Mosaic on walls, hand painting, concept painting, theme painting, decorative stone work, Gazebo art work, decorative stone work near pools, ceilings, walls, gates, stairs, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms that kids love....

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Renovation of an existing home, luxury villa, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, resort, hospital, clinic, kitchen or bathroom is indeed a big decision and the resident or owner needs to think on lot of factors into account. Price is a big factor for every customer and people look for quality raw materials to be used at reasonable price.

The first approach towards renovation is to make the best use of existing space and material to bring a desired result. An overwhelming tradeoff between quality, budget and of course size. At times, some customers might be looking for a customized makeover of the kitchen or a living room instead of complete renovation of a house or an apartment. There are commercial spaces such as Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts and Clinics who are also looking for a professional makeover for their workspace. Among many existing construction companies, Renox offers an admirable edge by providing turnkey project to its customers. Our specialist team is always in the forefront to give the best of renovation and construction to your doorstep.

Renox understands the tailor made requirements of each customer at a meticulous level and caters to their respective requirements at affordable price. Blueprint planning, raw material estimates, interior design advisory and Suggestions.

Cost effective estimations are given by Renox team based on the inputs taken from the customers and everything works at the feedback level. This ensures that the gap between customer and the skilled force is lesser and also optimum results. Right from personalized renovation services such as home and apartments to commercial demands of a hotel or a resort- Renox has it all.

Renox is proud to offer all these services absolutely FREE of cost for its customers and determined to deliver high quality renovation services for every will and wish.

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