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Add extra room to existing home in Jaipur

Adding Extra Space To Home

Adding the much needed extra space to Home is a primary requirement of any home addition construction project, at Renox our experts thrive to extract the most of every available square inch of the space.

Add first floor to existing home in Jaipur

Adding New Floors

Add a new floor above existing home that can double up your available space and be used effectively for your new requirements is what our senior consultants work on, depending on Structural viability.

Convert Ground Floor to Duplex in Jaipur

Make Ground Floor Home Duplex

Professionally planned Duplex Built on existing ground floor Homes incorporating latest technology makes life comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Renox civil specialists have vast expertise in this.

Add First Floor to existing home in Jaipur

Adding First Floor

In the 8 out of 10 inquiries we get from people looking to expand livable space, Construction of first floor above the existing ground floor is the only practical, viable solution for their requirement.

Extension to existing home in Jaipur

Home Extension Construction

Home extensions, be it horizontal or vertical, at Renox, we are Passionate about Designing & Building Extensions to Homes for our clients in Jaipur reflecting their individuality and lifestyle.

Home Additions in Jaipur

Home Additions Construction

Home additions construction varies mostly depending on the clients exact new space requirements. Creating convenient livable spaces is our passion which is achieved by through study of available space.

Are you looking at how to add new rooms, floor or build a Duplex of your ground floor?

  • Can't wait to know more about additional constructions to existing house?
  • Want to appoint a top-notch team who attends any scale projects?
  • Considering raising additional space like 1st, 2nd, 3rd storeys?
  • Excited and vexed pertaining to the cost associated and the method to approach it?

You are at the right place!

Get answers to All those and many more questions at Exclusive Home Construction division of Jaipur.

Here, we offer a friendly support to our customers looking for extended constructions to their homes in Jaipur.

Basic Factors To Know About Adding a New Structure to Your Residence

The first aspect of home construction is to get an approval from the concerned authorities like GHMC, HMDA etc., for which you need to submit copy of some basic documents of your property as the sale deed, link document, layout plan etc.

Then, you need to submit the proposed plan of construction made according to the norms of the approving authority, FSI (Floor space index) is to be followed in the proposed plan.

Based on these documents, the proposal is approved, after which you can start the construction activity.

Plan New Construction: Once you get an approval from the GHMC, you can plan your Home construction project. Finalize the layout plan having your requirements in place, calculate the quantities of materials required to build the House, select the materials keeping focus on your budget, identify and hire a good contractor for the complete project who is well versed with the latest trends of home construction industry.

Locate and aim for Pristine Unit Construction to forge your old Home a Contemporary Outlook

Construction of a new house is quite a challenging task especially in a urban area like Jaipur which grows quite rapidly.Great lifestyle is not just a dream come true for affluent customers but also for everyone. Many of the clients are now demanding state of the art amenities for their new homes to get the best facilities to make their life safe, comfortable and interesting, and of course - home is the place where the best dreams come true and leads to a better living and relaxation. thrives to provide the best construction services which are feasible, trustworthy, reliable, stylish and practically affordable.With over thirty years of experience, provides brilliant construction plans for the customers that are quite easy to accomplish, easy on pocket and also brings the best facilities possible for its customers. focuses on bringing the best technology relating toconstruction to its customers at an affordable cost.

Right from building new construction houses, apartments, villas and any residential place - brings you the best looking and functional Homes which are quite brilliant to use. We choose the durable raw materials and great new technology to bring to your doorstep.Every customer has the right to live their fullest in the residential space and Renox believes that it is possible to achieve it with proper planning, innovation and also right understanding of the customer's requirements.

General Advice on Construction

1. Plan & Stick to it: Have a clear idea about your exact requirement from the new Home project and adhere to it in the whole process thereafter.

2. Allocate Budget & Control: As in any other building construction projects, there is every chance of exceeding predetermined budget for home construction project unless you have a clear figure in the first place and strictly manage your spending while selecting materials etc.

3. Find The Right Contractor: Identify right and competent contractor, company or service provider to undertake your New Home Construction project, get everything in quote including the material selection along with budget and time line of completion and milestones for payments.

There is no other better solution than Renox for all your home construction needs. Our experienced architects and civil engineers provide awesome plan and design options for new homes for clients to choose from. These layout plans and designs are dependent on the area available.

At, we are passionate about Building Architecturally Beautiful Homes for families to enjoy. This is the way we think, we can contribute to the community in Jaipur.

Home Addition Cost Estimator
Economy Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction
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Design & Build Construction Services in Jaipur
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Tell Us Your RequirementDiscuss Your Home Addition Requirement

Our experts would love to hear everything about your Home Addition project.

Get EstimateComparative Addition Construction Project Estimates

Get transparent estimates in three options - Economy, Modest & Premium.

Complete Project SupportComplete Addition Construction Project Support

Guidance, Tips, Suggestion and advice from people with 30+ years experience.

Construction Cost For 1400 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 600,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 580,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 370,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 110,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 280,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 230,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 70,000
Total 2,240,000
Construction Cost For 1800 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 7,71,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 7,45,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 4,76,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 1,40,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 3,60,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 2,95,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 90,000
Total 28,77,000

Please fill in our basic form with the required details, we will send our team for a free on site design consultation to take the right requirement inputs. After providing Additions estimate based on the requirements, the work can begin formally with an approval from the client.

The Addition construction project progress is continually monitored and updated via E-mail and messaging by our support team. We believe in constant communication for eliminating any misgivings which the customer might have about the work progress.

There is lot of scope for managing the cost of any construction project including home and villa Additions. There are some basic aspects which cannot be reduced, but also many more where you can use a lower priced products or concepts to drastically save money. Our construction specialists will guide you in every step possible in this part of the cost reduction process.

Home Additions usually takes between 3 to 6 months. This can be altered in many ways, in case there is an urgency from the clients side.Availability of funds as and when required plays a major role in this aspect.

Approval or permission from the concerned authorities for Addition to the house is the main requirement on which all other aspects like getting an electrical connection, water connection depends.

We are proud to say we do not charge our clients to give home Additions Quote. Also, clients will have the benefit of choosing the best option possible from our three estimates - Economy, Modest & Premium.

That can cost between Rs.25 Lakhs to Rs.40 Lakhs. There are three types of Budgets in any Home Addition project - Economy, Modest & Premium. The prices varies from Rs.1,450/-, Rs.1,650/-, Rs.2,200/-, Rs.4,500/- and up.

The prices varies from Rs.1,650/-, Rs.1,800/-, Rs.2,400/- and up depending on the materials used.

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