Second Floor Construction Cost in Bangalore

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Factors to look up before newly constructing your 2nd floor:

  • Plan your 2nd Floor construction in a fixed budget pricing
  • Confused about which interior plan to choose for your requirements?
  • Not sure about the budget estimate for your 2nd floor interiors work?
  • In the lookout for eco friendly interior design for your 2nd Floor?
  • With increased requirements of family members and more need of trendy living, many customers who are owners of independent houses are planning to add more floors to their ground floor residences. Having an additional floor above the first floor actually increases the scope of the house and also provides the customers with more facilities and comfortable living. However, the customers get worried about the cost information and the time taken for adding a second floor to the house. is proud to provide exclusive second floor construction services to your house with an ample budget and great quality. The average cost of construction per square feet in Second floor construction is around 1100 INR. As a result, a 500 square feet area can be constructed at a cost of 50,000 INR. This budget can vary based on additional requirements and also brings more facilities to your new floor. We also provide leisure area design for second floor as it can also be used as a dual sit out area or a partial terrace.

    Managing Second Floor Construction Costs

    With over thirty years of experience in the field, Renox provides the right Second floor planning for your house which not only blends with the current floor but also adds a modern touch to the house.Right from steps construction, aesthetic look and add on to overall elevation of the house,Renox provides everything you need for Second floor construction.

    The careful layout is planned based on the customer’s requirements such as number of rooms, types of rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, dining and bedrooms) and also the type of raw material to be used for this construction. Renox also designs the right second floor based on your existinghouse layout and makes sure that no leakage or construction issues occur. We provide these multiple estimates for free of cost from which the customer can choose the best feasible option.

    Renox is always striving to provide the best construction services at your doorstep for the customer and build lasting trust with quality work and services.

Second Floor Construction Services in Bangalore

Cost of constructing 2nd floor

Calculate the complete cost of Second floor construction in Bangalore today. Get comparative prices from 3 different builders, estimations verified by our construction experts with latest material price and labour cost list.

Second Floor Construction, Additions & Extensions in Bangalore

Sq ft cost of second floor construction

Per Sq Ft cost of Second floor construction in Bangalore today is around Rs.1,450 to Rs.1,650. Still, you can get comparative estimates from 3 different contractors, these quotes are verified by our construction experts.

Cost Saving tips for Second Floor Construction in Bangalore

Tips to save on construction cost

Get construction experts step by step tips on saving money on construction cost in Bangalore. They offer three different ways to manage budgets in any type of construction project, including building material selection.

Total Second Floor Construction Services in Bangalore

Second Floor Construction Solutions

Get complete construction solutions form experts for your second floor construction project. Right from designing, material selection, sub contractor negotiations and finalization to complete construction management.

Complete Duplex Second Floor Construction in Bangalore

Duplex Second Floor Construction

Planning to make duplex of your existing single or ground floor house? Get total support in realizing your dreams from our construction professionals. The advice you in the right direction on every step of construction.

Low cost Second Floor Construction Services in Bangalore

Cost of 2 BHK house on Second Floor

A 2 bedroom, Hall, Kitchen and 2 balconies house construction above your existing first floor should cost around Rs.1,650 per square feet or Sq Ft as the industry talks about. You can have some scope of reduction too.

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End To End Second Floor Construction Services in Bangalore
Easy - Second Floor Construction Solutions
Tell Us Your RequirementDiscuss Your Second Floor Construction Requirement

Our experts would love to hear everything about your Second Floor Construction project.

Get EstimateComparative Second Floor Construction Estimates

Get transparent Construction estimates in three options - Economy, Modest & Premium.

Complete Project SupportComplete Second Floor Construction Project Support

Guidance, Tips, Suggestion and advice from people with 30+ years experience.

For economy Rs.1,300/-, For Modest Rs.1,400/-, For Premium Rs.1,600/- & For Luxury Rs.2,500/- per square feet.

You can choose low cost yet long lasting materials for reducing the cost of Second Floor Interiors.

Yes, based on your requirements, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Second floor construction project.

Second Floor Construction Cost Estimates in Bangalore

Get the best cost estimates for Second Floor Construction services in Bangalore...
Also, our expert guidance & advice which saves lots of time and money for you.

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Cost Of Construction of Second Floor in Bangalore

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