Cost of construction on 30X40 Plot

Cost Of Construction On 30X40 Site in Bangalore

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Cost Of 3 BHK Duplex On 30X40

Duplex on 30X40

30 X 40 or width 30 feet and length 40 feet is the most common plot size available in metro cities including Bangalore. It comes to a total of 1200 sq ft of land area or 111.484 sq meters or 133.333 sq yards.

Since the cost of construction is calculated for the built up area, we will first check the most common options people select to build on these plots.

  1. Single level 2 BHK in 900 sq ft
  2. Duplex or G+1 - 3 in 1600 sq ft
  3. Duplex or G+1 - 4 BHK in 1800 sq ft
  4. Triplex or G+2 - 5 BHK in 2200 sq ft

The orientation of the plot, like east, west, north or south facing of the plot can have some impact on the internal design layout part if opted as per Vastu principles but will not have any difference in the pricing, as the cost of construction purely depends on the completed built up area.


Built Up Area 1800 Sq Ft

1. Foundation ₹ 1,70,500/-
2. Columns & Slab ₹ 7,17,100/-
3. Brick Work, Doors & Windows ₹ 5,08,500/-
4. Flooring & Tiling ₹ 1,97,400/-
5. Electrical & Plumbing Work ₹ 2,43,200/-
6. Painting Work ₹ 2,85,300/-
7. Gate, Grills & Railings ₹ 2,39,500/-
8. Total (Contractor Rs.428500) ₹.27,90,000/-

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Modest Construction Cost For 1400 Sq Ft Built-Up Area

Total Amount
1 Excavation: This task of making a pit for the footings by removing the soil at the columns locations, usually 3 feet in length, 3 feet wide and around 5 feet deep or till we get hard soil.. ₹ 36,000
2 PCC bed work: Materials required and other cost factors are - sand, cement and aggregate and labour charges. ₹ 32,000
3 Footings, column work and slab: Cement, steel, M sand or Robo sand, aggregate, centering and labour charges ₹ 6,58,000
4 Brick work: Clay bricks, M sand or Robo sand, cement, scaffolding and labour charges ₹ 3,80,000
5 Electrical: PVC conduits, junction boxes, bends, elbows, metal boxes, cables, plates, switches, sockets, MCB's, holders, ceiling caps, insulation tapes and labour charges ₹ 1,18,000
6 Plumbing: Water and drainage pipes and accessories, WC's, wash basins, taps, hot and cold mixers, showers, angle cocks, connection hoses, health faucets, waste couplings, waste pipes, solution and labour charges ₹ 1,38,000
7 Flooring: Vitrified tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 2,16,000
8 Bathroom and kitchen tiles: Ceramic tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 1,40,000
9 Doors and windows: Main door frame and shutter in teak wood, bedroom and bathroom door frames in hard wood with commercial flush doors, windows and ventilators in UPVC ₹ 1,56,000
10 Railing and grill work: Usually outsourced with materials ₹ 70,000
11 Painting: Paint, putty, putty blades, brushes, rollers, sand papers and labour charges ₹ 2,26,000
12 Total: Cost Of Construction ₹ 21,70,000

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Duplex Construction Plan on 30X40 Plot in Bangalore

Plan a Duplex On 30X40 Site

Ideal 3 BHK Duplex Home on a 30X40 plot size designed and built in Bangalore. Convenient for single family with occasional guests, car park and spacious rooms and living area with comfortable bathrooms.

30X40 Duplex Cost

Cost of Duplex On 30X40 Plot

An 1800 sq ft 3 BHK spacious duplex constructed in modest price option on 30X40 site can cost around Rs.30 Lakhs. Also, there will be other costs you need to consider.

Construction Cost on 30X40

Cost Of Construction On 30X40 Plot

Total Plot Size: 30X40, Built up Area: 1400 Sq Ft, No Of Bedrooms: 3, No Of Bathrooms: 3, Car Parking: 1, Type Of Construction: Modest, Construction Cost: ₹ 2,170,000


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