Construction Cost in Bangalore

Cost Of Construction in Bangalore

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Construction cost today for a standard construction, meaning neither cheap nor premium is around Rs.1550/- to Rs.1650/- per sq ft of built up area of the building to be constructed anywhere in Bangalore city limits.

✔ This covers the material cost, labour charges for all the works and contractors charges to carry out and manage the actual construction project on your behalf.

You will have a wide choice to choose materials used as per your pocket size and customize your estimate accordingly.

✔ Make it a point to select materials which are tested and proven to last long and easy to maintain and repair in case of physical damage or in regular course of time.

✔ Avoid fancy and trendy items which tends to get outdated soon as the trends keep changing often.

✔ Focus on durability more than only the visual appeal of the products, particularly those used for electrical and plumbing works, for, attending repairs and replacing them later would be an time consuming, difficult and costly task for you.

Construction Cost Components

Understand the basic factors that influence the overall cost of construction of any project.

Construction cost comprises of 3 basic elements -

  1. Building Materials
  2. Labour Charges
  3. Contractors Margin

Other than this, there are few more cost factors that need to be considered like -

  • Approval or Permission Fee : This is usually a per sq ft charge by the municipality
  • Electricity : Electric Current Meter cost and connection charge
  • Water :Water meter and connection charge
  • Sewage Connection charges : This needs to be paid to respective Govt Depts.
  • Bore well, Underground Sump, Compound wall and Gate etc.
Overall Construction Cost Components

Also, Interior works like false ceiling and wood work as modular kitchen and wardrobes are not included in the construction cost.

Basically, construction cost pertains only to the constructed area, wherever there is a roof - this area is calculated as constructed area.

Super structure (The columns, beams, slab and stairs) are same for all the construction cost variants.

The difference in the price is only because of finishing materials like

  • Bricks and Sand used for building walls and plastering
  • Electrical cabling and fixtures like plates, switches, sockets and dimmers
  • Plumbing fixtures like WC's, Wash Basins, Taps, Hot & Cold Mixers
  • Flooring for the home, bathroom tiles, kitchen platform stone, doors and windows
  • paint, railings etc.

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Sample Cost of Construction


40X60 - Built Up Area 3500 Sq Ft

1. Foundation ₹ 434000/-
2. Columns & Slab ₹ 1356250/-
3. Brick Work, Doors & Windows ₹ 1030750/-
4. Flooring & Tiling ₹ 488250/-
5. Electrical & Plumbing Work ₹ 488250/-
6. Painting Work ₹ 434000/-
7. Gate, Grills & Railings ₹ 379750/-
8. Total ₹ 54,25,000/-

% Wise Construction Cost

Cost in %
1. Foundation 3% to 5%
2. Columns & Slab 20% to 25 %
3. Brick Work 10% to 15%
4. Doors, Windows & Ventilators 3% to 5%
5. Flooring & Tiling 3% to 5%
6. Electrical Work 2% to 4%
7. Plumbing & Bathroom Fixtures 5% to 8%
8. Painting Work 5% to 8%
9. Gate, Grills & Railings 2% to 5%
10. Contractors Margin 10% to 15% 100%

Construction Cost Calculator

Economy Construction
Built-up Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction
Built-up Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction
Built-up Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction
Built-up Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Itemized Construction Cost Estimators

Construction For 30X40 Plot (Approx 1400 Sq Ft)

Total Amount
Modest Construction Cost
1 Excavation: This task of making a pit for the footings by removing the soil at the columns locations, usually 3 feet in length, 3 feet wide and around 5 feet deep or till we get hard soil.. ₹ 36,000
2 PCC bed work: Materials required and other cost factors are - sand, cement and aggregate and labour charges. ₹ 32,000
3 Footings, column work and slab: Cement, steel, M sand or Robo sand, aggregate, centering and labour charges ₹ 6,58,000
4 Brick work: Clay bricks, M sand or Robo sand, cement, scaffolding and labour charges ₹ 3,80,000
5 Electrical: PVC conduits, junction boxes, bends, elbows, metal boxes, cables, plates, switches, sockets, MCB's, holders, ceiling caps, insulation tapes and labour charges ₹ 1,18,000
6 Plumbing: Water and drainage pipes and accessories, WC's, wash basins, taps, hot and cold mixers, showers, angle cocks, connection hoses, health faucets, waste couplings, waste pipes, solution and labour charges ₹ 1,38,000
7 Flooring: Vitrified tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 2,16,000
8 Bathroom and kitchen tiles: Ceramic tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 1,40,000
9 Doors and windows: Main door frame and shutter in teak wood, bedroom and bathroom door frames in hard wood with commercial flush doors, windows and ventilators in UPVC ₹ 1,56,000
10 Railing and grill work: Usually outsourced with materials ₹ 70,000
11 Painting: Paint, putty, putty blades, brushes, rollers, sand papers and labour charges ₹ 2,26,000
12 Total: Cost Of Construction ₹ 21,70,000

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Construction Cost Management

Planning & Control

Before you actually start your construction project, no matter how large or small it be, first have a clear idea about your exact requirement from the new construction project on paper and then adhere to it fully in the whole process thereafter to keep it in control and smoother progress of the work.

Allocate Budget & Adhere

As in any other projects, even in building construction work there is every chance of exceeding predetermined budget for construction project unless you have a clear figure of budget in the first place and strictly manage your spending while selecting materials, labour work and other costs.

Find Right Contractor

Identify right and competent contractor, company or service provider to undertake your New Construction project, get everything in quote including the material selection along with budget and time line of completion and milestones for payments for the material suppliers and labour contractors.

SNo. Brief Details of Construction Costs Cost Per Sq Ft.
1 Civil: Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab, Stairs, Brick work, Plastering - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.880 to Rs.1250
2 Finishing Materials: Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Tiles, Granite/Marble, Doors, Windows, Painting, Steel Fabrication - per Sq Ft of Floor Area. Rs.550 to Rs.1850
B Total: Rs.1430 to Rs.3100

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