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Turnkey Construction Services For NRI From Bangalore

Right Time To Invest is Today

India is developing in the fastest pace today, compared with the global economy our growth level stands on the top most position regarding the home construction industry. Number of residential units being built or proposed to be built and the infrastructure development is at the peak in history now.

Hence, now is the right time for NRI's to plan and start their home construction. Quality materials and manpower is readily available and you will have good choice to select from wide options.

Construction activity involves your biggest investment of lifetime. Hence, we have come up with this special service package for NRI like you.

At Renox.in we understand your situation and expectations, and value them. Hence we have developed special packages that exactly suits your requirements of remotely managing your Home construction project here in India right from Design to finish including interiors.

Task such as approvals, permissions, project management, monitoring, controlling, regular live reporting along with photos and live video telecast of critical aspects like structural and slab work etc. taken care by highly experienced professionals with more than 3 decades of real life practical industry expertise.

Services By Us:

We have developed exclusive range of home construction services to serve NRI clientele, incorporating technology in the best way possible to alter the physical absence aspect and make them as comfortable in the whole process from design planning, material selection and decision making to getting and arranging the permission, carrying the actual construction and interiors work and handover.

Our regular updates with photos, videos and real time live telecast of critical tasks like foundation, slab work, brick work etc will make you feel in total control of the project - from day one to the end.

Besides that, you will be comfortable to deal with our qualified design and project management teams who are well versed in communicating with NRI clientele because of their own global exposure experience. You can communicate with them on call, email, whatsapp, skype, tango etc. Even sharing of design, estimate and other documents happen in real time.

We have successfully integrated the otherwise unorganized home construction industry here in India with technology to streamline the process according to the project management principles, which gives you a clear picture of the whole process along with timelines and budgetary aspects from the day one, and even before we start the actual construction.

Remotely Build Your Home in Bangalore

  • Confused with the cost factors?
  • Like to have an overview of what is involved and how things work?
  • Want to remotely check the actual project progress?

You are at the right place, this is what exactly we at Renox.in are geared up with. Our team of architectural, civil, project management experts and manpower thrive to deliver most convenient home construction or building construction service experience for people like you, away from India.

Just tell us about your plot size, orientation, requirements and broad budget range (Modest, Premium or Luxury) we will take care of all other aspects to deliver you your dream home, in the most convenient way possible at competitive price.

Our milestone based regular and real photos / videos of the site will keep you relaxed throughout the project progress. Also, our single window all services - right from design, build and interiors will ensure you peace of mind.

Overview of Home Construction

Owning a house is a cherished aspiration of each and every person living in a society. When you are planning to construct a new house, we strongly recommended you to read about the construction process and the construction cost because the experience of constructing a new house or building could be the most overwhelming adventure in one's lifetime as this involves huge financial investment and also to gain insights on the intricacies of the building process.

Read on the basic steps involved in a Home construction project and get a clear picture before you actually start the work.

First stage of Construction | Plan and Design

1)Plan and Design
The first step in starting your home construction project starts with planning and designing of your dream house, incorporating your requirements like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing and living area, Puja room if required, sit out or study, car parking etc.

First stage of Construction | Plan and Design

2)Approvals and Permissions
Second step in the process if getting an approval wherein you are expected to get a permission or approval from concerned government department like Municipal office, City Development Authority, Electricity (BESCOM), Water & Sewage Connections (BWSSB) etc. There is a fee for these approvals and connection charges for things like water, electricity and sewage lines.

First stage of Construction | Plan and Design

3)Find the Right Contractor
The third step is identifying and finalizing a contractor, company, firm or an individual with knowledge and experience in this activity and entrusting the project to them on a predefined scope of work along with material specification, time line of completion, payment schedule and milestones.

First stage of Construction | Plan and Design

4)The Construction Process
Excavation for column or pillar pits, foundation for walls, footing bed in PCC, concrete footing and pillars, slab and stairs, walls, doors and windows, electrical, plumbing, plastering, putty finish, flooring, bathroom floor and wall tiles, kitchen platform and wall tiles above it, sanitary ware fittings and bath fittings, painting and cleaning of the site for final hand over.

First stage of Construction | Plan and Design

5)Monitor and control
Though you have engaged a reliable person or intuition to carry out the construction project on your behalf, it is your duty to keep a check on the process and progress. Special care is to be taken in critical aspects like the ratios of cement, gravel, aggregate like sand used for the super structure and other activities along with proper water proofing compounds mixed in it.

Verify that the mixture ratio is according to the manufacturers proportions to ensure you get a long lasting trouble free final output.

Also, extra care is to be taken on the proper water curing part which is the fundamental of anything made with cement.

6)Financial aspect
Though mentioned in the last, Allocate Budget & Adhere To It from the first step till the completion of project, to avoid surpluss expenditure.

Amazing Home Construction Services

With over thirty years of experience in the field, Renox provides the best Home plan for your requirement which not only blends with the current trends but also adds a theme based look to the house. Right from construction, aesthetic look and add on to overall elevation of the house, Renox provides everything you need for your Home construction project.

A careful layout is planned based on the customer's requirements such as number of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, dining. Also, we suggest you in selecting the type of raw material to be used for your construction project. We provide multiple estimates free of cost from which the client can choose the best feasible option for them.

Renox is always striving to provide the best construction services and build lasting trust with quality work and convenient services.

Contact us now and check how we can make building a duplex easy, fast and convenient for you.

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Getting our home constructed in Bangalore without physically being there was made very convenient by Renox team.

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I searched online and contacted renox for constructing my house in Bangalore. They offered the best services and guided us throughout the project. I am very happy with their work.

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