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Construction Contractors for Civil works in Bangalore

Construction Contractors in Bangalore

Independent House Construction Contractors

With over thirty years of experience in the field, our individual home construction contractors provide the best possible services to our clients looking to construct independent houses, in best cost.

Construction Contractors, Additions & Extensions in Bangalore

Apartment Construction Contractors

Our apartment construction contractors have great experience in the high rise construction field and are well informed about the latest market trends and requirements of residential apartment complex.

Construction Contractors in Bangalore

Design and Build Construction Contractors

Design and Build services, the latest trend in the residential construction market especially in metro cities is picking up extremely fast, as busy client lifestyles have made it impossible for DIY way.

Total Construction Contractors Services in Bangalore

Construction Contractors Services

Getting easy Construction solutions for busy scheduled clients, for whom our one point of contact for all activities involved in an Construction project is highly valuable and appreciable till the end.

Complete Duplex Construction Contractors in Bangalore

Duplex House Construction Contractors

Duplex construction and design is quite unique and different from normal independent houses and we at Renox understand these subtleties. Renox also works on providing tailor made services within budget.

Low Budget small Construction Contractors in Bangalore

3 BHK Construction Contractors

Cost is a big factor for many customers who prefer to spend only reasonable amount for construction of their 3 BHKs. Renox understands this fact quite well and is determined to provide the best prices.


The market is flooded with the so called building construction contractors. Almost everyone with little or partial experience in the industry is claiming to be an contractor.

People who used to work as supervisors for some construction company till last month have suddenly become independent contractors themselves, today. This activity looks like lucrative and fast money making work which requires little of knowledge and experience, for many.

The real problem starts when the actual work is initiated, and, it is the client who suffers.

1. Designing & Planning: There are many architects and architectural firms in the market who design of give planning for new home and building construction projects. It is here that you need to identify the right source who have good expertise in designing the type of home you are particularly willing to build. Remember one source cannot be master of all. Even this activity has evolved to an specialists level where there are experts who design only resorts to specialists who only design independent villas. These niche experts will be aware about latest trends, materials used, concepts etc of the building industry for your exclusive requirement.

2. Documentation: These experts will take care of the application, coordination and management of all the paper work required for the approval or permission and utilities arrangement aspect.

3. Material Experts: An critical item of an building construction project is the raw materials that goes in to the construction. Many new materials are introduced on almost regular basis and one needs to upgrade their knowledge base on a regular intervals to be informed about the latest introductions. All products have pros and cons to some extent and are good at some places and should be avoided at others. Deciding this is a purely experience based decision of the expert.

4. Project Management: This the is central section of building construction project. Everything needs to be planned in detail in the first place, taking in to account all the resources required, both material and manpower, time line, monetary aspects, milestones and checklists etc. It is based upon this preplanning that monitoring becomes smooth and efficient.

Design & Build Home Construction Services in Bangalore
Experts advice and suggestions
Expert's Suggestions

Get personalized advice from specialists for your total construction & renovation project.

Complete documentation support
Clear Documentation

Clear, Specific & Measurable written scope of work avoids later confusions.

In time completion of projects
Time Bound Completion

We value your time, hence, constantly monitor project for timely completion and report to you.

250+ Construction Designers
50+ Design Options
500+ Home's Completed
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