Construction cost and Budget in Bangalore

Construction Cost in Bangalore

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In a layman's language, the cost of construction refers to the per sq ft rate of the built up area and do not explain and cover the overall picture of other cost aspects to be considered including some of them which are mandatory to carry out the building construction work, like approval or permission charges and utilities connection cost.

Hence, we have come up with a detailed explanation on all costs that needs to be taken into account while you begin your planning process and before you start the actual construction activity.

Basically there are two types of costs involved in construction - Direct & Indirect.

By direct, we mean the cost that is technically connected with the actual construction like material, labour charges and contractors margin, and by indirect cost we mean expenditures for items like applying and getting building plan approval from concerned authorities like BBMP and utility connections like drinking water line, sewage line connection and BESCOM charges for electrical meter connection to your property.

Also, it is better to understand what else is NOT covered in the standard cost of construction like compound wall & gate, underground water sump, bore well making cost, interiors and decoration of the home like modular kitchen and other wood work, raising of ground level in respect to the road level.

Cost of actual construction can be divided in these simple stage wise calculation.

Foundation work

1. Foundation:

This is the base structure for the whole building and all the weight of the new building will rest on this. Hence, it is required to be properly planned and done. This involves excavation for the column footings for the pillars and foundation for the 9" thick double bricks external walls.

Building materials required in this stage include sand, gravel stone, cement, granite blocks etc. This stage contributes around 3% to 5% of the overall cost of the building.

Foundation work

2. Columns & Slab:

This is the concrete skeleton of any structural structure and the framework on which the complete building stands. Design for the use of steel rods, their thickness, numbers and arrangements for columns, beams and slab is calculated and defined by civil expert according to the overall plan and number of floors of the building. Usually 53 grade cement is used for this concrete structure which sets quite fast and requires bit less water curing later.

Building material include sand, cement, gravel, steel and shuttering material for the columns, beams and the slab, which is removed after the concrete is set. The cost of this stage contributes around 25% to 30% of the construction budget.

Foundation work

3. Brick Work:

External and internal walls are usually made with clay bricks, cement concrete blocks or latest AAC blocks (Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block). These walls act as partitions for the rooms, bathrooms etc of the home.

Building material requirement of this work include bricks, sand, cement and water proofing chemicals. The cost of this task is around 15% to 20% of the building budget.

Foundation work

4. Doors, Windows & Ventilators:

Main door, bedroom, bathroom doors, windows and ventilators were usually made of natural wood but there is a choice of UPVC windows and ventilators which do not get damaged with water, are weather proof, termite resistant and requires no painting.Cost of this item is around 3% to 5%.

Foundation work

5. Flooring & Tiling:

All the floor surface area and some of the walls like in bathroom and part of the wall above the kitchen platform is covered with durable materials. Traditionally natural materials like granite stone or marble were used for this. Now a days, ceramic and vitrified tiles are widely used for flooring and bathroom tiling purpose because of their durability, ease of cleaning and low cost. Besides this, these manmade surface covering materials are made and available in almost every colour, texture and pattern to suit any type of requirement and taste.

Cost of this task can account for around 3% to 5% of the building cost.

Foundation work

6. Electrical:

The electrical wiring , conduits for the cabling, metal boxes for fixing plates, switches, sockets, dimmers etc, main distribution box from where the complete nervous of wiring for the home is done, miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are the activities and scope of work falling under electrical task of any construction project. Proper thickness / gauge of wires are required to be used keeping in mind the load requirement of the region to ensure and avoid short circuit and fire hazards later.

Cost component of this task could be around 2% to 4% of the construction project.

Foundation work

7. Plumbing & Bathroom Fixtures:

Water and drain water lines, both incoming and returning are carefully planned according to the floor plan of the proposed building. Latest piping materials like CPVC and PVC pipes are used for the water and sewage lines. These latest pipes made of PVC materials are rust proof and usually do not get internal corrugation of hard water and hence lasts long. A variety of sanitary ware fixtures are available today which are quite sturdy and very easy to clean and maintain.

This task is quite flexible in terms of budgeting aspect as it offers huge range of selection. Usually this item contributes around 5% to 8% of the overall construction cost of a building.

Foundation work

8. Painting:

Painting is the finishing stage of any building construction project. Earlier, natural materials like lime were used, then distempers and other synthetic chemical formulations started portraying into the paint industry. Today, we have a wide choice of advanced paint materials to select from, which are very durable, easy to clean and are stain resistant too. External paints are available in water proof range which control rain water seepage into the buildings. Steel works like gate, grills and railings are painted with Enamel paint which is very durable and long lasting.

Cost aspect of painting task can be around 5% to 8% of the construction cost.

Foundation work

9. Gate, Grills & Railings:

These items fall under steel fabrication task and were made in MS (Mild Steel) for many decades. Today, stainless steel, glass and plastics have entered with lots of aesthetically attractive options to match the design of the building and space where they are used.

These latest materials offer wide variety of designs, colours and patterns too. Toughened glass is also used for railings along with SS studs and bolsters.

Cost factor of these items can be around 2% to 5% of the budget.

Foundation work

10: Other Costs To Consider:

Construction cost pertains to the cost of construction of the built up area and does not include cost components like - Designing or planning charges, Govt. or municipal permission fee for approval, bore well, compound wall, which falls beyond the constructed area, underground water storage sump, charges for getting electrical, drinking water and sewage connection from concerned authorities, Interiors and Taxes. Hence, considering these factors while budgeting will help in avoiding overriding the final budget calculation and allows smoother completion of the construction project without delays because of lack of availability of funds.


Building Cost For 1800 Sq Ft

1 Excavation: This task of making a pit for the footings by removing the soil at the columns locations, usually 3 feet in length, 3 feet wide and around 5 feet deep or till we get hard soil.. ₹ 1,29,600
2 PCC bed work: Materials required and other cost factors are - sand, cement and aggregate and labour charges. ₹ 1,29,600
3 Footings, column work and slab: Cement, steel, M sand or Robo sand, aggregate, centering and labour charges ₹ 6,48,000
4 Brick work: Clay bricks, M sand or Robo sand, cement, scaffolding and labour charges ₹ 3,24,000
5 Electrical: PVC conduits, junction boxes, bends, elbows, metal boxes, cables, plates, switches, sockets, MCB's, holders, ceiling caps, insulation tapes and labour charges ₹ 64,800
6 Plumbing: Water and drainage pipes and accessories, WC's, wash basins, taps, hot and cold mixers, showers, angle cocks, connection hoses, health faucets, waste couplings, waste pipes, solution and labour charges ₹ 3,24,000
7 Flooring: Vitrified tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 3,24,000
8 Bathroom and kitchen tiles: Ceramic tiles, cement, sand, grouting and labour charges ₹ 1,62,000
9 Doors and windows: Main door frame and shutter in teak wood, bedroom and bathroom door frames in hard wood with commercial flush doors, windows and ventilators in UPVC ₹ 1,94,400
10 Railing and grill work: Usually outsourced with materials ₹ 1,94,400
11 Painting: Paint, putty, putty blades, brushes, rollers, sand papers and labour charges ₹ 2,59,200
12 Total (Contractors: Rs.4,86,000) ₹ 32,40,000

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