Cost Of Duplex Home Construction in Bangalore

Duplex Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

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Cost Of Duplex Construction
Duplex Home Constructions, Additions & Extensions

Typically to build around 3500 Sq Ft of 4 BHK Duplex Villa it costs around Rs.63 Lakhs. This can have quite spacious Drawing area or Foyer, Large living cum dining, conveniently planned kitchen, one or two bedrooms in the ground floor, landing area on first floor and two bedrooms with attached washrooms on the first floor.

This 4 BHK duplex can be ideal for a family size of 5 to 6 people, along with provision for occasional guests. Additionally you can have an entertainment room or a personal Gym too. You can accommodate 2 car parkings.


40X60 - Built Up Area 3500 Sq Ft

1. Foundation ₹ 434000/-
2. Columns & Slab ₹ 1356250/-
3. Brick Work, Doors & Windows ₹ 1030750/-
4. Flooring & Tiling ₹ 488250/-
5. Electrical & Plumbing Work ₹ 488250/-
6. Painting Work ₹ 434000/-
7. Gate, Grills & Railings ₹ 379750/-
8. Total ₹ 54,25,000/-

Stage Wise Construction Cost

Duplex Home Construction Cost

Cost of Constructing Duplex Home

Duplex house construction is quite challenging and a daunting task but not for our team at Renox. Feasible duplex house construction services are provided by Renox which are cost effective and great in quality.

Per Square Feet Area Cost Calculation Of Duplex Home Construction

Duplex Construction Cost per Sqft

The cost for constructing Duplex Home in Bangalore is roughly Rs.1800/- per sq ft. An clear and measurable estimate is given to clients to keep them well informed about the actual project cost till end.

Savings On Construction Cost

Tips to Save on Construction Cost

Though construction of a Duplex home is a bit higher than building an individual house, there is still much scope for bringing down the cost of construction by proper use of low budget quality materials.

Duplex Home Construction Cost Estimator

Economy Construction

Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction

Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction

Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction

Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Get Detailed Cost Estimate for Construction on 30X40 site in 3 options
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Complete 5 BHK Duplex Home Construction

Cost Of Building 5 BHK Duplex Home

5 BHK Duplex Home construction on 300 sq yards plot, from planning to execution is tentatively Rs.80 Lakhs to Rs.1.3Cr. This is to some extent alterable by choosing long lasting yet low cost materials.

Complete Construction Cost Of G+2 Home

Cost of G+2 Construction

Duplex home construction demands different approach compared to the regular house construction. Right from the material planning and implementation, Renox gives the best possible services to its customers.

Cost Of Constructing G+3 House

Cost of G+3 Construction

The existing belief that hiring a duplex contractor is costly is proven to be wrong by Renox multiple times. We provide reasonable duplex construction contractor services which are thoroughly professional and also economic. is proud to provide exclusive Duplex Home construction services to your house with an ample budget and great quality. The average cost of construction per square feet in Duplex Home construction is around Rs.1650 INR. Hence, a 1600 square feet area can be constructed at a cost of Rs.26,40,000. This budget can vary based on additional requirements and also brings more facilities.

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