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Welcome to an array of convenient end to end construction services for people looking to build their home anywhere in Bangalore and suburban areas.

Organized and geared with a team of qualified architects, civil engineers, building projects management experts, experienced site supervisors, trained & skilled workforce, we offer amazing single window standardized - quality home construction services at competitive prices.

We would love to be your guide in the total process starting from first level information gathering to having an complete overview of the home construction process, what all is involved, the stages, cost factors, timelines, planning and designing, material selection, costing and budgeting, necessary documentation for permission or approval, material procurement, workers arrangement and management, supervision and quality check etc.

All this at most competitive rates in the market - How?

Because, we have prepared our systems in that way, automated our documentation and monitoring process, have developed trained manpower to execute multiple projects parallelly and smoothly, thereby reducing our overheads. Be it a 2 BHK single storied home or a complex 6 BHK Triplex Villa project, we are ready to attend with equal enthusiasm.

High end Home Construction cost in Bangalore

Premium Home Construction

Premium cost cement and steel, cost fixtures and fittings, grade bricks and sand. The modest construction per square foot costs around Rs.2200 to Rs.3500.

Luxury Home Construction Services in Bangalore

Luxury Home Construction

Best in class resources. The luxury construction costs around from 4000 to 5000 per square foot.

Elite Home Construction Prices in Bangalore

Home Construction Materials

Construction materials are the materials mainly used for building house.Materials like wood, cement, aggregates, metals, bricks, concrete mixture, clay are the most common type of building construction material used in construction.


Our simple 8 steps process will help you to understand the stages of home construction and prepare you for the journey in a better way.

1) Discuss:
Tell us about your present and future requirements of the home.

2) Design:
We will make schematic plans in two options to suit your needs, usually a new third plan becomes final after reiterations.

3) Material Selection:
Our qualified team will guide you in selecting latest, durable and easy to maintain materials for the project.

4) Costing & Budgeting:
Once you finalize the materials to be used, we prepare an accurate detailed estimate for your project which will have timelines of task completion and payment schedule.

5) Approval - Permission:
When we finalize the project, our office will help you in getting the permission to carry the construction from concerned authority, also, we will take care of the utilities aspects like electricity, water and sewage connections.

6) Material Procurement:
We use only time tested and standard quality materials to ensure quality end results, you will have wide options in selecting products used.

7) Arranging Workers:
We have our own trained and skilled workers along with standby teams which ensure continual work progress without pause.

8) Project Monitoring:
Qualified and experienced managers monitor and control the day to day activities of the construction project and report clients on a regular basis along with photos and videos of the site progress.

Experience quick, efficient and affordable way to design, build and decorate your new home, contact us now and have a first level discussion with our experts about your dreams.

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Call: Renox.in Whatsapp 8070407040   Contact Renox.in

1000+ Home Construction Floor Plans in Bangalore

Home Construction Plans & Designing

1000+ Floor plans for your Home construction project to choose from, suitable for every size and shape of your plot. Besides this, we have a team who can give customized plans for your particular Home to match your need.

Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

Home Construction Cost Per SqFt.

Home construction cost per Sft mostly depends on the finishing materials used, since the concrete structure price is usually fixed and cannot be altered. The present market range is around Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 Per Sq Ft.

Home Construction Process in Bangalore

Home Construction Process

There are broadly three stages in a Home Construction Process, Designing and Planning, Material Procurement and Project Execution. Thoroughly prepared first stage lays foundation for smoother completion.

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I constructed a beautiful independent Duplex house in my budget with the help of experts at Renox.in. They supported and guided me through out my home construction project. I gladly recommend the services offered at Renox.in.

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I was associated with Renox.in for constructing a new house. I was very happy with their approach to work and the commitment that they have displayed.

Customer Rating: 4.9

I was planning to give the construction of my latest home to a known builder but I searched online and found Renox.in. Their quotes on the project was genuine and much reasonable that what our builder has stated.

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