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Latest & Accurate Cost of Construction in Bangalore

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Latest Construction Cost

Percentage Wise Cost Factors Involved In A Villa Construction Project

Expenditure Pie Chart Of Construction

Building construction is done in a different way today than it was done 15 years ago. Newer materials, design concepts, method of construction, machinery, tools and techniques have changed in the due course, along with its price.

Before we start on the actual figures, we'd like to give you a glimpse of what all goes into the final construction cost of a completed latest building project, and needs to be considered while you plan your construction work.

Some of these cost aspects are not directly connected with the main construction activity, but are mandatory and hence should be taken into account while costing and budgeting, like building permission or municipal approval, utilities connections like electricity, water and sewage lines, bore well, interiors and wood work etc.

There are two components of construction cost:

  1. Material
  2. Manpower

A brief detail about each of them will give you an clear idea on what they really involve, the options available, and how much scope you can have in managing their cost.


Professional manpower

In the present times, no one prefers to take services of those local masons who were always sought for small civil repair works, for their latest home construction project.

Clients today seek educated, qualified and knowledgeable people, team or company to handle their home construction design, build and decoration project. The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge and expertise with the local untrained semi skilled manpower.

The service cost of these able team and highly talented manpower is different than those locally available workers.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks - Latest building material

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks (AAC)

1. Modern Bricks

With advancement in new, durable, long lasting material research and development, newer materials have entered building construction industry too. The age old traditional materials like bricks, natural timbers and stones, steel, organic color formulations etc now have far improved counterparts like AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks which are very light, non water soluble, easy to cut in desired size, available in larger sizes which speeds the actual wall construction work, requires fewer joints hence consumes lesser cement mortar.

2. Substitues for Natural Wood and Stone

Timbers have manmade wood substitutes as well as PVC materials for doors and window frames and shutters, latest UPVC windows, patio doors and ventilators are very easy to operate and do not require painting in their lifetime, natural stones have much durable and easy to clean alternatives like vitrified tiles and conglomerated stone for flooring and as slabs for kitchen platforms, which are more hygienic since they do not have metal content in them and hence do not form cavities after the metal part is oxidized like in natural granites, are also non porous and non absorbent making them virtually stain proof.

UPVC Windows & Doors

UPVC Windows & Doors

Paint & Painting

Paint & Painting

3. Paint

Latest synthetic paints are truly washable and easy to clean compared to the traditional organic based formulations. Different materials are being used at places where particular materials were used earlier like stainless steel and glass for the railings of stairs and balcony instead of wrought iron and mild steel.

4. Interiors and Exteriors

A portion of exterior is preferred to have stone or tiles cladding instead of conventional plastering and paint. False ceiling is used in bathrooms too to hide the hot water geysers and other pipelines and to have concealed lighting. Latest home automation and security products and concepts which makes life more convenient and safe for everyone staying have introduced a range of newer items in the construction industry, which were not common and used earlier. Prices of these latest and advanced materials are bit higher than the conventional substandard ones.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Recent Home Construction Prices in Bangalore

Home Construction Prices

Latest Cost of constructing a House in Bangalore in 2019 comes close to Rs.1550 to Rs.1800 per Sq Ft. This includes material, Labour charges and consultants fees. There could be variations on the materials part.

Free Construction Cost Estimates in Bangalore

Get Construction Cost Estimates

Calculate the cost of construction before you start building your dream house and utilize every rupee to its full worth. Contact us for free estimations of your house construction cost in Bangalore.

Ground Floor Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

Independent Home Construction Cost

Cost of constructing an independent House in Bangalore in 2019 comes close to Rs.1550 to Rs.1800 per Sq Ft. This includes material, Labour charges and consultants fees. There could be variations on the materials part.

Building Construction Cost With Latest Design Concepts, Materials and Quality Manpower

▩ Modest: Rs.1850/- per sq ft.▩ Premium: Rs.2350/- per sq ft.▩ Luxury: Rs.4500/- per sq ft.

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Complete Duplex Latest Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

Duplex House Construction Cost

Cost of constructing a Duplex in Bangalore in 2019 comes close to Rs.1600 to Rs.1800 per Sq Ft. This includes material, Labour charges and consultants fees. There could be variations on the materials part.

Villa Construction Cost in Bangalore

Villa Construction Cost

If you feel Home Construction is a costly affair - you could be wrong, we have proved it, many times. Our experienced construction designers have a vast knowledge of low cost materials used and hence make Latest Home Construction within your specified budget.

Latest Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

Construction Cost For 2400 Sq ft

Our single window Complete Latest Home Construction Cost solutions are much appreciated by busy scheduled clients, for whom this one point of contact for all activities involved in an Latest Home construction project is highly valuable.


A Typical 2400 Sq Ft Latest Home Construction Estimate

Cost in %

Construction Charges:

1. Foundation 338400
2. Columns & Slab 1410000
3. Brick Work 846000
4. Doors, Windows & Ventilators 338400
5. Flooring & Tiling 338400
6. Electrical Work 282000
7. Plumbing & Bathroom Fixtures 451200
8. Painting Work 451200
9. Gate, Grills & Railings 338400
10. Contractors Margin 846000
11. Total 5640000

Other Construction Charges:

12. Approval charges (Approx) Rs.1,40,000/-
13. Compound wall, gate, underground water tank (6000 litres), bore well, electricity, water, sewage connection cost (Approx) Rs.5,00,000/-
14. Interior Decoration (False ceiling, Modular kitchen, Wardrobes, TV unit etc) (Approx) Rs.20,00,000/-
15. Total Project Estimate Rs.82,80,000/-
Questions & Answers

What is the Latest Home Construction Cost?

For economy Rs.1,450/-, For Modest Rs.1,650/-, For Premium Rs.2,200/- & For Luxury Rs.3,500/- per square feet.

How can I save on my Latest Home Construction cost?

You can choose low cost yet long lasting materials for reducing the cost of Latest Home Construction.

Can I get an exact estimate for the Latest Home Construction Cost Project?

Yes, based on the customers requirements, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Latest Home Construction Cost project.

How can I calculate area of Home Construction?

Get insight on how to calculate construction area.

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