Cost Of New Home construction in Bangalore

Cost Of New Home Construction

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The thought of constructing a new home is quite confusing and creates anxiety particularly among people who plan to build their first home. It is extremely valuable to get help from trustworthy people with knowledge on the subject to overcome the curiosity and confusion.

At, we understand and respect your state of mind, and hence bring you a detailed explanation on the actual cost of new home construction, what all to consider, where you have choice to manage, what you should focus on and control etc.

New Home Construction Cost

Duplex on 40X60

We have also developed some free tools which you can easily use to check what could be your cost of new home construction.

We suggest you to spare some time and understand the basic aspects of construction cost and also what is and what is not covered in it.

In building industry, construction cost means the cost of actual built up area, the floor area where there is a concrete slab above it. Anything that comes beyond this is not considered, like, the compound wall and gate, underground water tank, bore well, utilities like electrical, water and drainage line connection, interiors like wood work etc.

You need to calculate or consider these factors to have a complete picture of the full budget.


Built Up Area 3500 Sq Ft

1. Foundation ₹ 4,34,000/-
2. Columns & Slab ₹ 13,56,250/-
3. Brick Work, Doors & Windows ₹ 10,30,750/-
4. Flooring & Tiling ₹ 4,88,250/-
5. Electrical & Plumbing Work ₹ 4,88,250/-
6. Painting Work ₹ 4,34,000/-
7. Gate, Grills & Railings ₹ 3,79,750/-
8. Total(Contractor Rs.8,13,750/-) ₹ 54,25,000/-


Cost Of Constructing New Home in Bangalore

New Home Construction Charges

New Home construction cost mostly depends on the finishing materials materials used, since the concrete structure price is usually fixed and cannot be altered much. Range starts from Rs.1550 Per Sq Ft.

Cost Of New House Construction in Bangalore

Price Of New Home Construction

Cost of constructing a New House in Bangalore in 2018 comes close to Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 per Sq Ft. This includes material, Labour charges and consultants fees. There could be variations on the materials part.

New Villa Construction Cost in Bangalore

New Villa Construction Rates

The cost for constructing New Villa in Bangalore is roughly Rs.1800/- per sq ft. An clear and measurable estimate is given to clients to keep them well informed about the actual project cost till end.

To make it simple for you to understand, let us take an example of 1600 sq ft of standard construction on an open plot, with all aspects covered.

Construction Cost For 1600 Sft

S. Details Amount
1. Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost ₹2,23,200/-
2. Columns & Slab -Materials & Labour Cost ₹2,23,200/-
3. Brick Work,Walls,Doors - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost ₹5,30,100/-
4. Flooring ,Tiles ,Granite - Materials & Labour Cost ₹2,51,100/-
5. Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost ₹2,51,100/-
6. Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost ₹2,23,200/-
7. Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost ₹1,95,300/-
8. Total(Contractor Rs.418500) ₹27,90,000/-

Additional Charges For 1600 Sft

S. Details Amount
1. Design-Plan charges Covered
2. Approval cost ₹1,20,000/-
3. False ceiling ₹1,10,000/-
4. Wood Work ₹6,50,000/-
5. Compound wall ₹1,75,000/-
6. Utilities connection charges ₹65,000/-
7. Bore well ₹65,0000/-
8. Underground water tank ₹95,000/-
9. Gate, Railings & Grills ₹30,000/-
10. Total Charges ₹8,40,000/-
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Price Of New Apartment Construction in Bangalore

New Apartment Construction Costs

New Apartment Construction Cost are very different from that of an individual home construction. Since it is usually a bulk activity, cost of materials and labour charges for that is Rs.1350/- per Sq Ft.

Building Construction Cost in Bangalore

Building Construction Cost

Cost of building construction in Bangalore in 2018 comes close to Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 per Sq Ft. This includes material, Labour charges and consultants fees. There could be variations on the materials part.

Budget Home Construction in Bangalore

Budget Home Construction

If you feel Home Construction is a costly affair - you could be wrong, we have proved it, many times. Our experienced construction designers have a vast knowledge of low cost materials used and hence make New Construction within your specified budget.

Question And Answers

What is the cost of New Home Construction?

For economy Rs.1,450/-, For Modest Rs.1,550/-, For Premium Rs.2,200/- & For Luxury Rs.3,500/- per square feet.

How can I save on my New Home Construction cost?

You can choose low cost yet long lasting materials for reducing the cost of New Home Construction.

Can I get an exact estimate for the New Home construction Project?

Yes, based on the customers requirements, an exact estimate can be prepared for the New Home construction project.

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