Turnkey construction services in Bangalore

Turnkey Home Construction Services in Bangalore

Looking for an expert to handle the Amazon of your Home Construction Project right from Design / Plan to Handover?
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Having a own House is a dream of every person. Also, this is the most overwhelming experience of their lifetime, because it involves huge monetary investment. Most of the people are confused regarding this aspect, still, the whole process can be made quite simple and enjoyable by a bit of clearly defined steps in a easy to understand layman's language. This is exactly what our esperts at Renox.in have tried to do in this article.

Common questions that pop up when anyone thinks of constructing a Home...

Get answers and solutions for all of that and much more. Contact us now and check how we can make building a HOME - easy, fast and convenient for you.


We Are

A club with 30+ years experienced team from building construction industry, especially in Design, Build and Interiors segment.

Each of us has industry specific hands on expertise of more than 3 decades, handling simple to complex projects for residential clientele, here in India and abroad.


We are enthusiastic on delivering memorable experience to our valued clients with best of our capacities.

With a painstakingly developed network of dedicated and skilled manpower for every task, we offer total and truly turnkey solutions of realizing the dream of building an own house for people who have very little time to spare on the actual work - from start to end.


You Need To

Just discuss with us and let us know broadly about your

  • real requirements
  • time frame and budget
  • Look at sample photos, videos, images
  • an idea of the house in your mind
We will take care of the rest - Design, Build, Decorate and hand over completed project in 7 months dot. Along with a 5 years warranty.


Ideal For

Our exclusive turnkey home construction services are specifically valuable for busy scheduled, already committed and engaged elsewhere people looking for an reliable and capable A to Z solution provider for their building project.


What We Build

Be it a theme based villa, an contemporary retreat or a super luxury technologically advanced abode - we have in-house capability to handle all of them, from start to finish including getting permissions and approvals to arranging utilities like electricity, water and drainage connection.


Inputs From Us To You

Our detailed estimation with clear material specification, project scheduling with start and end dates, stage wise payment milestones is prepared specially for the clients comfort of having a clear idea about the complete project even before it starts.

Special Features

Being highly popular on online searches, we get lots of enquiries directly from people who are voluntarily searching for Construction, Renovation and Interiors services.

  • Association with home automation, smart home solutions and security system companies allows us to create and offer you advanced future homes today.
  • Guide you throughout the project process.
  • End To End Home Construction Solutions - Design / Plan, Permission Coordination, Actual Construction, Monitoring by Trustworthy Professionals
  • Reporting Financial Management
  • Live Updates
  • Free Estimates
  • The price of our dedicated end to end service is "Reasonable & Realistic"

  • Turnkey Construction Contractor

    Total Floor Addition Services in Bangalore

    A turnkey contract is a business arrangement in which a project is delivered in a complete mode. Rather than contracting with an owner to develop a project in stages, the turnkey solution provider is hired to finish the entire project including design, construction, etc.

    The turnkey solution provider is separate from the final owner, and the project is turned over only once it is fully functional. In effect, the turnkey solution provider begins the project from start to end and handover the key to the owner.

    Turnkey construction allows building homes more quickly and efficiently because we aren’t waiting for potential buyers.

    And we actually want the client to be happy and satisfied with their new home, not frustrated and exhausted.

    Because we are contractually bound to the project until it’s completed, contractors have a financial motivation to complete the job as early and aptly as possible.

    Looking for a single window professional service to Plan, Design & Build your Home with Interiors?

    For Free Consultation And Estimate
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    We Do Not Like To Build

    Constructing an Economy Home

    Economy Home Construction

    Constructing a Standard Home

    Standard Home Construction

    Constructing a Conventional Home

    Conventional Home Construction

    What We Look Forward To Build

    High end Home Construction cost in Bangalore

    Premium Home Construction

    Premium cost cement and steel, cost fixtures and fittings, grade bricks and sand. The modest construction per square foot costs around Rs.2200 to Rs.3500.

    Luxury Home Construction Services in Bangalore

    Luxury Home Construction

    Best in class resources. The luxury construction costs around from 4000 to 5000 per square foot.

    Elite Home Construction Prices in Bangalore

    Futuristic Home Construction

    Homes that are equiped with moddern technology enabling a lifestyle ease of the mundane chores by incorporating secure automation which creates a relaxing and convinient experience for you.

    1000+ Home Construction Floor Plans in Bangalore

    Home Construction Plans & Designing

    1000+ Floor plans for your Home construction project to choose from, suitable for every size and shape of your plot. Besides this, we have a team who can give customized plans for your particular Home to match your need.

    Home Construction Cost in Bangalore

    Home Construction Cost Per SqFt.

    Home construction cost per Sft mostly depends on the finishing materials used, since the concrete structure price is usually fixed and cannot be altered. The present market range is around Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 Per Sq Ft.

    Home Construction Process in Bangalore

    Home Construction Process

    There are broadly three stages in a Home Construction Process, Designing and Planning, Material Procurement and Project Execution. Thoroughly prepared first stage lays foundation for smoother completion.

    Customer Rating: 5

    I wanted my home built in my absence, I liked the way Renox got involved from the very first call. They gave expert guidance in planning, designing, material selection and budgeting. Overall experience was wonderful and can surely recommend them.

    Customer Rating: 4.8

    My anxiety about constructing my own home remotely got cleared in almost few minutes when I spoke with construction experts from Renox.in. In very simple way they explained me all that I wanted to know before starting my construction project.

    Customer Rating: 4.9

    If you are planning to build your home way back in India, I can bet no other service can beat Renox.in, the way they did our home construction so conveniently gave us confidence to entrust two more house construction works to them right away.

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