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Quality Construction @ ₹1,550/- per sq ft onwards. Expert's Monitoring, Timely Completion, Stage Wise Payments, Detailed Documentation, Latest Designs.
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Features Of Our Villa Constructions

Plan, Design and Aesthetics of Villa

Construction of a villa, particularly a theme based one is quite different than building regular home. Concept centric planning and detailed designing takes the centre stage along with selection and creative use of various latest available advanced materials. Also, value added features have to be incorporated from designing stage and the whole process and procedure of actual construction is very different than conventional method.

Hence, highly qualified and experienced teams are required to design, plan, build and decorate these types of high end villas.

Many aspects not considered usually for home construction like servant and security personals quarters, different kitchen for actual cooking and the technologically advanced main kitchen which is normally open towards the living region, specialized car parking with features like washing, drying, vacuum cleaning, automation like gate openers, automatic water management systems, inline water pressure pumps, remote controlled curtains and blinds openers, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), smart lighting solutions etc are standard part of these projects.

Planning A Villa Based on Requirements

Villas can be planned in single level with high ceilings, simple G+1 or 2 concept or complex multilevel designs, according to and depending on the clients requirements and taste and available plot size incorporating the owners needs.

Aesthetic aspects and visual appeal are the focal points of design and planning process along with feature rich automation and convenient functionality of the space.

Villa Construction Services Providing Requirements And Plan

5 BHK Villa With Amenities

Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, guest regions, car parking and additional requirements like Home Theatre, Gym, Swimming Pool etc are taken as requirement inputs from the clients and based on this a first level schematic plan is prepared. This plan is discussed with each member of the family and is fine tuned according to their exact needs. Interiors and furniture designing is also a standard part of villa planning. A final plan is evolved after this procedure.

Villa Construction Services in Bangalore

Villa Construction Services

Renox, do have a villa construction services. Our Complete Villa Construction Experts solutions are appreciated by busy clients, for whom our one point of contact for complete activities involved is highly valuable.

Villa Construction Plans in Bangalore

Villa Construction Plans

Planning to construct a Villa in Bangalore? Then you are just a click away from realizing your dream.We at Renox have Geared our self to provide the best possible Global Class Construction Service to our clients.

Villa Construction, Additions & Extensions in Bangalore

Villa Construction Contractors

Get Spanish, Caribbean, Hawaiian inspired villas for you in Bangalore. Designed, Planned and Meticulously build by passionate experts from construction industry with decades of experience and expertise.

Get Details On Plan, Design And Cost Estimate For A Villa
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Villa Models And Materials

Plan and Realistic Model Of A Modern Villa

3D Villa Plan

Usually, a 3D model is prepared of the final plan and shown to clients which is nearly photo realistic and gives a clear picture of how the completed project looks like even before it is started. Even a guided walk-through video presentation can be made to get much better feel of the villa.

Modern Materials On The Outlook Of a Villa

Modern Exteriors Materials Used

Material selection is based on the theme decided for building the villa which also suggests the colour palette, tones and shades to be used.

A dedicated team of experts is assigned to take care of the start to end process of construction, which monitors the project progress on a day to day basis and reports clients with photos and videos on a weekly, fortnightly or on fixed milestones threshold to ensure smooth and fast execution.

Experts advice and suggestions
Expert's Suggestions

Get personalized advice from specialists for your total construction & renovation project.

Complete documentation support
Clear Documentation

Clear, Specific & Measurable written scope of work avoids later confusions.

In time completion of projects
Time Bound Completion

We value your time, hence, constantly monitor project for timely completion and report to you.

Total Villa Construction Services in Bangalore

Turnkey Villa Solutions

Complete end to end villa construction services in Bangalore, especially for design, quality and time conscious clients. We thrive in making the whole construction process a pleasant experience for you.

6 BHK Villa Construction in Bangalore

6 BHK Villa Construction

Our expertise in designing and building upscale villas from 6 BHK to 12 Bedrooms is highly appreciated by our elite clientele. Inviting and expansive look and feel are highlights of our Villa designing.

Modern Fixtures Used In A Villa

Brand New Fixtures

Grand Villa designed and built incorporating lifestyle items like Jacuzzi, Shower panel, Swimming pool, Gazebo, Home theater, Bar, Study cum Library, ultra modern modular kitchen in Bangalore for our clients.

Customer Rating: 5

I built my home with ease because of team. They planned out the process and costs of construction along with milestones which made me plan my budget accordingly. It was a great experience working with them.

Customer Rating: 4.8

I approached before deciding on the plan of construction. They assisted me on the best plan which included maximum utilization of space and was affordable. They provided turnkey services right from planning stage.

Customer Rating: 4.9

The services that they provided were awesome. They involved keenly to guide me in every aspect of constructing my house in Bangalore providing the best solutions and never compromised on the quality.

Questions & Answers

What is the cost of Villa Construction?

For economy Rs.1,450/-, For Modest Rs.1,650/-, For Premium Rs.2,200/- & For Luxury Rs.3,500/- per square feet.

How can I save on my Villa Construction cost?

You can choose low cost yet long lasting materials for reducing the cost of Villa Construction.

Can I get an exact estimate for the Villa Construction Project?

Yes, when you select models and standard materials, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Villa Construction project.

When should I approach a contractor for the work?

If you are looking to start the project, you can contact for Design and construction work, along with interiors.

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