Clinic Renovation in Chennai

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CLINIC Renovation in Chennai

Clinic Renovation Services in Chennai

Clinic Renovation

Trained, verified and qualified is what we call our typical Clinic planning and renovation contractors. Proper knowledge of ergonomic standards while designing Hospital or Clinic remodeling, use of quality long lasting materials and skilled workmanship for execution part ensure you get maximum satisfaction from service.

Clinic Renovation, Additions & Extensions in Chennai

Clinic - Additions & Extensions

Adding extra space to your Hospital or clinic for additional space requirements is carefully done in the designing and planning stage by a team of renovation experts. Knowledge about fundamental requirements of a Medicare space and facility is important while working on a clinic renovation project which ensures right results.

Clinic Renovation Contractors in Chennai

Old Clinic Renovation

Sleek, clean and modern remodeling of your old clinic. Our extensive planning and proper designing will give a 360 degree makeover to your hospital or clinic making it functionally contemporary and convenient. Contact us for an inspection, suggestion and an estimate for complete hospital or clinic renovation project Now.

Total Clinic Renovation Services in Chennai

Total Clinic Remodeling

Total makeover of this Clinic by removing almost all internal walls and recreating wonderful open space feel and look converted this dark and otherwise congested clinic very spacious and allowed to incorporate extra seating space too. Light coloured theme made it look bit more spacious and bright to look at with good lighting.

Complete Clinic Renovation in Chennai

Clinic Renovation Services

Get complete services to renovate your clinic with a new breath of life by proper planning and space utilization from the experts. Our single window solutions are particularly valuable for time conscious fast paced clients. Contact us now for a quick consultation for your clinic remodeling project along with estimate.

Fast Clinic Renovation Services in Chennai

Fast Clinic Renovation

If you are in a hurry and feel renovation of clinic is a time consuming affair - you could be wrong, we have proved it. Our fast track remodeling service caters to especially people like you looking for a quick renovation. Convenient designing to Renovation of your clinic even while you actually use the space daily.

Traditional Clinic Renovation in Chennai

Traditional Clinic Renovation

70% of the space of this unplanned Traditional clinic was underutilized, extensive planning and corrections in the designing phase enabled to even incorporate an cabin in this otherwise congested clinic. Clients were astonished with the way our design team managed the overall project in defined time frame till end.

Clinic Renovation Experts in Chennai

Clinic Renovation Experts

Get expert solutions for Typical clinic planning and renovation in record time, yet within reasonable budget. Our renovation specialists are especially trained in managing and utilizing every available square inch of space of your clinic area. Connect with us for your clinic remodeling requirement and a quote for it.

Clinic Renovation Contractors in Chennai

Clinic Renovation Contractors

Trained, verified and qualified is what we call our typical clinic planning and renovation contractors. Proper knowledge of ergonomic standards while designing clinic layout and use of quality long lasting materials and skilled workmanship for the execution part ensure you get the maximum satisfaction from service.

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Advanced Medical Center Renovations

Seriously Looking for Transforming Your Old Styled Clinic?

Yearning for a State of the Art Clinic with Technological Advancements?

Unsure About New design of Your Clinic and Need Advice?

Worried Whether the Third Party Executives are Genuine?

Need Up to date Advice on Renovating a Clinic?

Renox has all the answers for metamorphosis of an outdated clinic space to a technologically advanced place which attracts more patients. Multiple estimates for transforming your clinic to be up to date and modern suiting the current day requirements. Creating a new design for a clinic has a tradeoff between shoestring budget, space optimization and contemporary equipment needed for a modern clinic.

Experts advice and suggestions
Expert's Suggestions

Get personalized advice from specialists for your total construction & renovation project.

Complete documentation support
Clear Documentation

Clear, Specific & Measurable written scope of work avoids later confusions.

In time completion of projects
Time Bound Completion

We value your time, hence, constantly monitor project for timely completion and report to you.

Modern Clinic Gets Ready in No Time with Renox

Medical center definitely needs modern designs with state of the art technology coupled with eco friendly innovation. Renox does this in style.

A contemporary clinic can be created with co-ordination between the customer to the builders and renovation executives. Renox provides you exactly that.

It is a challenging task to create a small space of a clinic with modern look and appeal. With growing increase of technology where trends are changing quite rapidly, we provide access to professional builders, medical equipment dealers and engineers who strive to provide flawless services in ease.

From basic equipment like furniture, medical testing equipment like EGG, weighing machine and BP apparatus which are technically advanced and beautiful furnishings, Renox is your ultimate solution to create a stylish and technically appealing clinic. Renox provides exclusive cost effective plans for doctors and medical organizations who are looking for a big makeover to their respective clinical spaces. Providing access to dealers who possess superior quality lab equipment and medical products are our essential forte.

An ultimate fool proof way of creating a remarkable clinic is easier to create from the existing optimizing space is the brilliant mantra at Renox.

Customer Rating: 5 reviews

I wanted my home built in my absence, I liked the way Renox got involved from the very first call. They gave expert guidance in planning, designing, material selection and budgeting. Overall experience was wonderful.

Customer Rating: 4.7reviews

My anxiety about constructing my own house got cleared in almost few minutes when I spoke with construction experts from In very simple way they explained me all that I wanted to know before starting my project.

Customer Rating: 4.5 reviews

For Home or Apartment renovation I can bet no other firm can beat, the way they did our complete home remodeling in surprising time frame gave us confidence to entrust our farm house construction work to them.

Renovation Process

Planning, Preparation, Procurement of raw materials, appointing and explaining the scope of work to all concerned and connected workers, monitoring, controlling and reporting. These are the basic steps of a renovation process of any space or structure.

To simplify - Planning & Execution is the important aspects of a renovation project. A well planned and executed renovation project stands out and makes the space look and feel totally new. Fulfilling the new space requirements of the occupants and creating usable space for future needs is to be incorporated in the planning process.

Renovation Planning

Proper planning of any renovation project is essential for both immediate as well as the long-term utility of the space. It is here that the expertise of Renovation service provider or company matters most.

Through knowledge about ergonomic standards, design & color theories and principles, knowledge about latest building materials is essentials while planning a renovation project. Timeline and Budget are also equally important in renovation planning, having clear, specific and measurable milestones in the plan makes it easy to monitor and control the project once initiated.

Renovation Cost

Demolition, debris removal, new materials required for the job, supervision charges and labour cost of the works to be done are the basic cost factors of any renovation project.

Ideally, around 10% for the demolition and debris removal part, 40 to 45% for the raw materials, 30 to 35% for the labour part and around 10 to 15% contractors margin or profit contributes the overall cost of renovation. There is some scope of saving in the material part wherein one has a choice of lower cost materials, but the remaining components are usually fixed. For FREE cost-cutting tips for your renovation project - feel free to contact us.

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Design & Build Clinic Renovation Services in Chennai

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