Architectural Home Planning and Designing Charges in Chennai

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Home Construction Planning & Architectural Fees in Chennai

What are the architectural charges for Home Construction in Chennai?

How much do architects charge per sq ft for making Home Plan?

Confused with calculating construction area?

Home Construction Planning and Designing Charges

Planning and designing charges are the architectural fee of the architect who plans and prepares actual drawings of your proposed home construction project based on the inputs given by you like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, guest room, study, Puja, entertainment region, number of floors, car parking etc.

Architects usually charge on the basis of per square footage or may even fix a standard fixed fee based on the quantum of work involved and number of meetings and site visits required.

The standard charges are Rs.50 to Rs.150 per sq ft of the built up area for different types of drawings. The 3D, Walk through and 360 degree views will cost lot more and is usually not viable for individual residential projects, unless the proposed Home, Duplex or Villa is around Rs.2 Cr and above. It takes lot of time, technology and efforts to prepare them.

There are basically five types of drawings made for Home Construction:

1) 2D Plan: Basic Plan - Approx Charges Rs.25 to Rs.40 per sq ft of construction area

2D Home plan in Chennai

2D Layout plan, this is the basic plan or drawing which gives an clear idea of the structure along with walls, doors, windows, ventilators, stairs shown on it with dimensions. This plan is sufficient for approval or permission purpose too.

2) 2D Plan With Detailed Working Drawings: Approx Charges Rs.30 to Rs.75 per sq ft of construction area

2D Home plan with detailed drawings in Chennai

This detailed working drawings will have separate drawings explaining in detail the actual works like columns, beams, slab, doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, flooring pattern, colour combinations and any other details required for the workers to execute the work.

3) 2D & 3D Plan With Detailed Working Drawings: Approx Charges Rs.75 to Rs.100 per sq ft or construction area

3D Home plan with detailed drawings in Chennai

These are 3 dimensional views of the same plan of 2D but showing the actual structure in 3 D to get a clear picture of how it looks like after completion. These could be only isometric or perspective views in plain lines or an image of a 3D model with photo realistic effect by applying materials to the model and then V-Ray rendering to give that real look of an actual photo of a completed work. These are bit costly because they consume lot of time and efforts.

4) 2D, 3D Plan With Detailed Working Drawings and Walk through (2 Minutes): Approx charges - to be discussed as per requirement

This is a real life walk through the yet to be completed construction project. This is made from the 3D model with material rendering and takes you inside your dream home, giving you an real effect of actually being inside your home, but you will not have the control of seeing more than what is shown.

5) 2D & 3D Plan With Detailed Working Drawings and 360 Degree View: Approx charges - to be discussed as per requirement

This is a kind of walk through which can be controlled by you with the mouse on your system or touch on your mobile screen, you can define your movements and this 360 degree view gives you a complete view from ceiling to the floors and all around, as if you are practically there in the place.

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How To Calculate Construction Area
Detailed floor plan with dimensions

Mark Your Plan Region Wise

First, mark A, B, C, D... on each area or region on the plan including the passages.

Multiply length and width

Multiply a X b To Get Areas

Get area in sq ft by multiplying AXB of each room or regions of the plan including the passages.

Add up all the sq ft areas

Add All - To Get Total Sq Ft Area

Add areas of all the regions or rooms including passage to get total area in sq ft..

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