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Wide range of LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights

High quality long lasting and energy efficient large variety of LED street lighting solutions in India.

Made under stringent quality controlled set up at latest state of the art facilities, these LED Street Lamps offer truly long life and are energy savers too.

LED Street Light Usage

  • Residential Area
  • Commercial Area
  • Sports Complexes
  • Traffic Areas
  • Public Spaces

Residential Area

Gated Community

Gated Community LED Street Lights.

Brighten up your late evenings with this range of Quality LED Street Lights from Lamda Components. Solid die-cast aluminum casing makes it highly durable and long lasting, Quality LED lamps used lasts much longer.


Outdoor & Garden LED Lights

LED Street Lamp posts for Garden

Mesmerizing Lighting for your lovely garden, now you can enjoy your outdoors even in the late evenings too. These specially designers residential range of outdoor LED lighting is soothing to see and decorative enough for gardens.


Parking Area Lights

LED street light for parking area

Keep the frustrations away of lack of clear view while parking your vehicles, these bright yet energy efficient parking LED street lights are ideal for small, medium and even large parking spaces in any type of residential complex.

Commercial Area

Street Lights for Hospital Premises

LED Street Lights in hospitals

Specially designed rugged and easy to clean and maintain LED Street Lights for Medicare complexes like Hospitals and Medical Institutions. Available in different wattage and designs suitable for most types of requirements which are also energy efficient.


LED Street Lights for Malls

LED Street Lights for shopping complexes

Commercial spaces like malls and large shopping complex have major need for pathway lighting to keep the premises safe, these street lighting solutions perfectly attends that. Bright yet highly energy efficient LED Street Lighting available in many colours.

Traffic Areas

LED Street Lights for Highways

Highway road LED Street Lights.

The nervous system of any economy is the Highways of the country. Proper lighting facilitates safer driving of heavy as well as light motor vehicles on the national highway, our range of LED Streetlights are specially made keeping this aspect in mind.


LED Streetlights for City Roads

LED Street Lamp posts for Main roads

City street lighting has more than safe driving aspects associated with them. Proper LED street lights help control in reducing the crime rate too, and since the number of lights per square area is very high, it needs to be highly economical to operate.


High Power LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights for alleys

At squares and cross roads, there need to be extra bright lights, these low voltage yet high lumens output LED Streetlights are designed especially for those purposes. IP Ratings and very low electric consumption makes them ideal for large metro cities.

Public Areas

LED Streetlights for Function Halls

Function Hall LED Street Lights.

Private public areas like function halls, cinema theater, office complexes, sez zones etc have to be very safe even in the dark. Keeping public safety as a focal point, these economical LED lights are designed to get the best from every voltage consumed.


Commercial Street Lighting Solutions

LED Street Lamp posts for Public Parks

Airports, Railway stations, Bus stands, factories, construction sites etc. need to have proper lighting for the safety of the people. LED street lights in these locations are open most of the time, hence have to be quite energy efficient commercially.

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