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Resort Renovation Services, Contractors & Companies

Complete Resort Renovation Solutions for you

Resort Renovation Services

Resort Renovation

Complete Resort Renovation, Internal and Exterior part, This Resort project completed in Jan 2018...

Resort Renovation, Additions & Extensions

Resort - Additions & Extensions

Total internal modificateion and changes in this Resort Renovation project gave new dimension to the space...

Resort Renovation Contractors

Old Resort Renovation

An Old Resort gets a new life with lots of natural light and air with right planning...

Total Resort Renovation Services

Total Resort Remodeling

Complete revamp of this Resort by removing almost all internal walls and recreating wonderful open space feel...

Complete Resort Renovation

Resort Renovation Services

An old Resort gets a new breath of life by proper space utilization and enlarging of almost all the windows...

Low cost Resort Renovation Services

Low Cost Resort Renovation

If you feel renovation of Resort is a costly affair - you could be wrong, we have proved it...

Corporate Resort Total Renovation

Traditional Resort Renovation

70% of the space of this unplanned Traditional Resort was unutilized, extensive planning and corrections enabled...

Complete Small office Renovation

Small Resort Renovation Services

Typical Small Resort planning and renovation in record time. This renovation project was completed in less than...

Low Budget Small Resort Renovation Hyderabad

Low Cost Small Resort Renovation

Proper knowledge of latest materials and alternatives allowed us to execute this Small Resort renovation project at minimal cost...

High End Resort Renovation Services

High End Resort Renovation

If you feel renovation of Resort is a costly affair - you could be wrong, we have proved it...

Awesome Resort Total Renovation

Contemporary Resort Renovation

Most of this unplanned Resort space was unutilized, extensive planning and corrections enabled...

Complete Small Resort Renovation

Resort Renovation Contractors

Typical Small Resort planning and renovation in record time. This renovation project was completed in less than...

Amazing Resort Renovation Services

Superior Quality Resort Designs for Your Perfect Needs

Modern resort designs are at your access with Renox’s tailor made plans for a huge place like resorts. Right from being eco friendly to modern outlook, Renox presents you the best services in the market.

Looking for Transforming your Dream Resort into a Modern Space?

Not Sure About The Sought After Contractor for Renovating your Resort?

Having a Shoestring Budget for your Resort Renovation?

Lesser Time with Too Much Renovations of Resort to Implement?

Worried About Outdated Look of Your Resort?

Renox offers professional solutions for all these questions.

Resort renovation is quite a cumbersome and daunting task. There are very less customer care platforms which provide tailor made plans for those who are planning to renovate their resorts. A resort needs many department planning and co-ordination between various aspects in a timely manner. Ranging from room, villa and accommodation designs, gym, spa and swimming pool designs, resort is a place for aesthetic beauty coupled with innovation and trendy look.

Renox provides access to executives who provide quality building material and cost estimation as well for those who are looking for renovating a resort. We even offer multiple estimates suiting to the customer’s requirement at effective cost. It also understands the specific requirements of each resort owners and thrives to provide constant feedback and support throughout the process.

Enjoy the fruits of a unique tradeoff between technology, quality and creativity which leads to a beautiful and best resort location. Such modern resort will also fetch more customers and becomes a business advantage for the owners. Indeed, renovating a resort in lesser specified time is quite difficult but not definitely unattainable- this is the motto of Renox! Right from the entrance beautification to specific interiors and lounge spaces, Renox provides tailor made specifications for each resort’s requirements.

Renox also provides free cost estimates for each plan which would make it easier for the customer to decide which plan suits the best. We provide access to top builders and architects for this daunting job in brilliant style.

250+ Contractors
50+ Services
250+ Resorts Renovated
10+ Cities Served

Renovation Process

Planning, Preperation, Procurement of raw materials, appointing and explaining the scope of work to all concerned and connected workers, monitoring, controling and reporting. These are the basic steps of a renovation process of any space or structure.

To simplify - Planning & Execution are the important aspects of a renovation project. A well planned and executed renovation project stands out and makes the space look and feel totally new. Fullfiling the new space requirements of the occupants and creating usable space for future needs is to be incorporated in the planning process.

Renovation Planning

Proper planning of any renovation project is essential for both immediate as well as long term utility of the space. It is here that the expertise of Renovation service provider or company matters most.

Through knowledge about ergonomic standards, design & colour theories and principles, knowledge about latest building materials is essentials while planning a renovation project. Timeline and Budget are also equally important in renovation planning, having clear, specific and measurable milestones in the plan makes it easy to monitor and control the project once initiated.

Renovation Cost

Demolition, debris removal, new materials required for the job, supervision charges and labour cost of the works to be done are the basic cost factors of any renovation project.

Ideally, aorund 10% for the demolition and debris removal part, 40 to 45% for the raw materials, 30 to 35% for the the labour part and around 10 to 15% contractors margin or profit contributes the overall cost of renovation. There is some scope of saving in the material part wherein one has a choice of lower cost materials, but the remaining components are usually fixed. For FREE cost cutting tips for your renovation project - feel free to contact us.

Resort Renovation Services, Contractors & Companies

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