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Widest Sofa Designs To Choose

Comfortable Sofas to compliment your space

Contemporary Sofa Set

Martini Sofa Set

Perfect sofa to compliment your family and guests. This beautiful sofa is ideal if you want comfort, style and convenience in one go. This lovely sofa is inspired by contemporary style...

Grand living room Sofa

Miranda Sofa Set

Relax with your family and friends in style on this Miranda sofa set. Compact design does not take much space as you’d expect, yet it is surprisingly cozy. Supportive cushions delivers...

Manhattan Sofa Designs

Manhattan Sofa Set

Curvy scroll arms and elegant geometric lines, there is something very timeless about this gorgeous and traditionally styled Chic sofa set. Classic looks that enhance any space...

City Chic Sofa Collection

Grand City Chic Sofa

Relax as you sink onto this incredibly comfortable sofa set. This stylish and comfortable sofa is a perfect furniture for busy people who like to come home, kick back and relax...

Complete range of Galaxy Sofa Sets

Galaxy Sofa Set

Sofa that provides soft support and also look spectacular when vacant. Traditional back cushions come in a combination of attractive patterns and designs. 5 seater with plenty of room to...

Minimalist Sofa Set Designs

Minimalist Sofa Set

Sit back and relax on this Minimalist sofa. Straight lines give this beautiful sofa a different character, making a bold impact on your living area. Accessorise this sofa...

Traditional Sofa Styles

Traditional Sofa Set

Create a touch of elegance in your living room with this beautiful and stylish Sofa. Perfect choice for any plan of living room whether modern or typical, this sofa surely...

Contemporary Sofa Designs

Compact Contemporary Sofa

Comfortable seating yet with a stylish twist. Its Straight design and compact size can fit all of your friends and family, spending some peaceful time relaxing on this...

Selected Chesterfield sofa Sets

Best Chesterfield sofas

Optimise the decor of your living space with these exclusive range of chesterfield sofas that enhance any region. Explore from 500+ fabrics and a wide variety...

High End Designer Sofas & Couch

Designer Sofas & Couch

Sofas are the most used furniture item of any space. It adds an everlasting appeal to home furnishing. Get trendy, comfortable and customized sofas & couch made of...

Awesome living room Sofas

living room Sofas & Couch

Renox offers the widest collection of sofa sets online at great price with Unmatched offers. Enjoy quality time with family & friends on this comfortable sofa-set...

Latest Sofa Trends

Latest Sofa Designs

Scrumptiously designed sofas, best deals on latest 3 seater sofa designs exclusively for you, have a look at our alluring range of trendy 3 seater fabric sofas before...

Beautiful Sofa & Couch Designs

New to understand the sofa trends in the current market?

In the lookout for the ideal sofa set where style meets comfort?

Need multiple sofa sets for commercial spaces like hotel, restaurant or a health center?

Renox offers one stop solution by providing access to the best sofa set designs based on the customer’s requirements. From a budget specific house to a stylish apartment or a luxurious villa, Renox provides a range of options for customers for amazing sofa set looks in varying colors, shapes, and also comfort levels. An apartment obviously needs a sofa set which is stylish and trendy but also comfortable for a chill time. While some customers go for just beautiful designs, some customers are in need of a comfortable recliner which has automatic adjustments for seating. Some of the customers also construct movie viewing rooms in residential spaces which need relaxing sofa sets. Renox couples technology and innovation and well researched data provides constantly updated sofa set designs keeping up with the trends.

Hotels and restaurants need a different style of sofa sets which are aimed more at convenience and look rather than leisure comfort – especially in the waiting lounges. These essentially curved model sofa sets are needed in bulk and wholesale for the organizations. Renox has tailor made sofa set list for these requirements which are eco friendly and cost effective.

When it comes to hospitals and clinics, the sofa sets need to be simple and cater to the waiting room requirements. These sofa sets needn’t aim at extreme comfort or luxury but more with professional look and minimal design. Renox delivers amazing sofa set options for hospitals and clinics with a wide range of subtle colors and sublime designs. These options are not just economical but also high in quality and excellent durability.

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