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Overview on Construction

Construction activity involves your biggest investment of lifetime. Hence, have a clear overview of all that is involved into it before actually starting it.

Overview of Home Construction

Owing an own house is a dream for every individual in a society. Also, this is the most over whelming experience of their lifetime too, since this involves huge monetary investment and because of lack of knowledge and expertise of the process. Still, the whole process can be made smooth and enjoyable with a bit of clearly defined overview in a simple to understand layman's language. This is exactly what we at Renox.in have tried to do in this article.

Read on the basic steps involved in a Home construction project and get a clear picture before you actually start the work.

1) The first step in starting your home construction project starts with planning and designing of your dream house, incorporating your requirements like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing and living area, Puja room if required, sit out or study, car parking etc.

2) Second step in the process if getting an approval (Have a link for this to the - Approval Fees and Permission Charges - page) wherein you are expected to get a permission or approval from concerned government department like Municipal office, City Development Authority, Electricity (BESCOM), Water & Sewage Connections (BWSSB) etc. There is a fee for these approvals and connection charges for things like water, electricity and sewage lines.

3) The third step is identifying and finalizing a contractor, company, firm or an individual with knowledge and experience in this activity and entrusting the project to them on a predefined scope of work along with material specification, time line of completion, payment schedule and milestones.

4) Construction process: Excavation for column or pillar pits, foundation for walls, footing bed in PCC, concrete footing and pillars, slab and stairs, walls, doors and windows, electrical, plumbing, plastering, putty finish, flooring, bathroom floor and wall tiles, kitchen platform and wall tiles above it, sanitary ware fittings and bath fittings, painting and cleaning of the site for final hand over.

5) Monitor and control: Though you have engaged a reliable person or intuition to carry out the construction project on your behalf, it is your duty to keep a check on the process and progress. Special care is to be taken in critical aspects like the ratios of cement, gravel, aggregate like sand used for the super structure and other activities along with proper water proofing compounds mixed in it according to the manufacturers proportions to ensure you get a long lasting trouble free final output. Also, extra care is to be taken on the proper water curing part which is the fundamental of anything made with cement.

6) Financial aspect - Allocate Budget & Adhere To It This step, though mentioned last in the line has to be followed from the first step till the completion, so that you will keep yourself on track all the time and not override it.

Construction Cost Overview

Note: Construction cost comprises of 3 basic elements - Materials, Labour Charges and Contractors Margin.

Other than this, there are few more factors that need to be considered like - Approval or Permission Fee (This is usually a per sq ft charge by the municipality), Electricity (Electric Current Meter cost and connection charge), Water (Water meter and connection charge) and Sewage Connection charges (This needs to be paid to respective Govt Depts.), Bore well, Underground Sump, Compound wall and Gate etc. Also, Interior works like false ceiling and wood work as modular kitchen and wardrobes are not included in the construction cost. Basically, construction cost pertains only to the constructed area, wherever there is a roof - this area is calculated as constructed area.

Super structure (The columns, beams, slab and stairs) are same for all the construction cost variants, the difference in the cost is only because of finishing materials like - Bricks, Sand used for building walls and plastering, electrical cabling and fixtures like plates, switches, sockets and dimmers, plumbing fixtures like WC's, Wash Basins, Taps, Hot & Cold Mixers, Flooring for the home, bathroom tiles, kitchen platform stone, doors and windows, paint, railings etc.

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Approval Fees Or Cost

Approval cost is the second expense in construction process, just after the planning and design fee. Usually, a per square feet price is charged by government body like municipality to give approval for construction based on the prescribed rules.

The approval procedure involves to submit documents like sale deed, proposed construction plan made as per sanctioning authority guidelines along with the official fee, it also takes significant time to get the approval. Our experts can get this tedious task done with ease by their experience in the field.

Material Cost

Building material cost contributes nearly 50 to 60 percentage of the total construction cost of any building construction project. Items used are Cement, Sand, Steel, Gravel, Bricks, Plumbing, Electrical, Tiles, Granite Slabs, Paint, Wood, Timber, Glass etc.

Cost of Steel: Rs.55,000 per Ton, Sand: Rs.3,600 per Ton, Cement: Rs.380 per bag, Bricks: Rs.7 per piece, Wooden Door Frame (Teak): Rs.8,000 per piece, Wooden Door Frames (Non Teak): Rs.4,500 per piece, Windows (UPVC): Rs.525 per Sq Ft, Electrical Wires (1 sq mm): Rs.900 per 90 mtrs. etc...

Transport & Handling

Construction materials are usually brought from far away distances or are manufactured elsewhere, hence need to be transported to the site or the place where they are required for the construction project. Also, construction materials are bulky and heavy hence costs more for transportation

Besides this, all of those construction materials are to be lifted to desired places, hence handling charges are incurred which are labour charges for lifting and placing those materials for the work to happen.

This cost can differ in different locations.

Labour Charges

Labour cost or Workers charges is the second biggest cost factor of any construction project.

Right from the excavation to the final painting and cleaning of the site before handover to clients, every construction activity is highly labour intensive and consumes lots of man hours to complete.

Tentatively, combined labour charges of all the works involved in a construction project contributes almost 35 to 40 percent of the total construction cost in Surat for any home building project.

Our Work Process


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4. Start project

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5. Project progress updates

Our milestones based reporting with site photos and videos will keep you relaxed through out the project process.

Construction Cost Estimator
Economy Construction
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Modest Construction
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Total = Rs. 

Premium Construction
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Total = Rs. 

Luxury Construction
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Construction Cost For 1400 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 600,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 580,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 370,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 110,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 280,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 230,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 70,000
Total 2,240,000
Construction Cost For 1800 Sft
Details Cost
Concrete Structure - Steel, Sand, Cement, Gravel, Labour Cost 7,71,000
Brick Work - Walls - Bricks, Sand, Cement, Labour Cost 7,45,000
Electrical & Plumbing - Materials & Labour Cost 4,76,000
Doors & Windows - Materials & Labour Cost 1,40,000
Flooring - Tiles - Granite - Materials & Labour Cost 3,60,000
Painting & Polishing - Materials & Labour Cost 2,95,000
Fabrication & Glass - Materials & Labour Cost 90,000
Total 28,77,000
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My anxiety about constructing my own home remotely got cleared in almost few minutes when I spoke with construction experts from Renox.in. In very simple way they explained me all that I wanted to know before starting my construction project.

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