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Frequently asked questions & Answers

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While it is agreeable that a huge project such as a villa or independent house – or even a commercial venture would have lot of challenges in between, we at Renox have over thirty years of experience in dealing with tougher situations and selectively choose verified workforce for your job to be done quite well. We strive to provide time to time updates on the project even while the progress and take up inputs and adjust the deliverables accordingly. You are assured of a perfect result as you are in safe hands with Renox!
Yes of course. We try to zero down the best workforce near your location but also provide other viable options which are quite within the budget and good in quality. Our multiple cost estimates will make it easier for you to select the best option.
Absolutely. Renox provides modular kitchens which not only optimizes space but also is quite safe to work on. The chimneys planned by us will not only keep your kitchen space safe but also eco friendly.
Yes. We provide renovation for individual rooms such as kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom with state of the art technology and innovation. We also provide eco friendly materials for this regard. These are not only budget friendly but also high on quality.
Well, you need to give us the exact details of the budget, available area and some specifics on how you want a particular place to be renovated. One way is to create a scrapbook of ideas which you find interesting over the Internet or some popular home building books such as Inside Outside. It would also be great if internal specifics about plumbing, electricity, interior design, flooring and color preferences are given beforehand. Bring all the necessary information to us either over E-Mail or Phone and then we will arrange a formal meeting after some good research and availability of raw materials and workforce. Then the contracts will be signed and the work will begin as soon as possible.
The prices of raw materials and workforce is comparatively lower when home values are down. It will make an economical budget plan which will help you save money. It is always advisable to start off renovation work during winter or summer and avoid rainy season for the obstacles it creates for elevation construction.
No. We are proud to announce that all the services at Renox are absolutely free for its customers. Our business model is based on providing quality service to people instead of over pricing the customers.
It depends on the deliverables and the demands of the customer. While every project is unique in many factors, we make sure that the project is completed as soon as possible thereby avoiding additional costs for the customer.
Not really. It can be obviously said that just high cost would guarantee you extreme quality. We at Renox strive at bringing a tradeoff between superior quality products which can be available at reasonable price. Our sole aim is to reduce the miscommunication and middle men which often cause headaches for customers planning to construct house on their own. Our cost estimates are pocket friendly but also good in quality.

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